Friday, May 29, 2009

let's go back to the start

I feel I need to go back to the beginning. Before Emma was even born. There are little pictures of me pregnant and with good reason. Pregnancy did not suit me one bit. All those lies of a glow and energy and life inside about brittle hair, sciatica, heartburn, pinched nerves, morning sickness for 16 weeks so bad that you would have given a million dollars to eat just one measly little saltine cracker. It is funny how now I wish I had the will power to just eat one saltine, but I digress. Thoughts of death and tragedy consumed me that I thought for sure my child would come out looking like a victim of the little girl from The Ring. I look at Emma now and wonder how did I end up with such a beautiful, happy baby who is full of life.

just 4 months, starting to show

Ready to pop at 9 months plus


I decided to start a blog of my lil punk emma since I am too lazy to pick up a pen and paper the good ol' fashion way. Today Emma is 8 months and 4 days old.