Monday, August 17, 2009

emma's first time to zoo

I have never been a fan of zoos, in fact I hate them. They bring tears to my eyes, however on Saturday we took Emma to her first Zoo adventure. I figured it would be a nice family day, exploring Park Slope and Prospect Park. I can understand the necessity of some zoos, like the San Diego and DC zoo where they genuinely work towards saving and rehabilitating endangered species...but...this one was, let's just say , a wee ghetto and it validated my stance on the cruelty of zoos. One of the highlights, however, was these 2 Mexican boys who were slightly ahead of us. Each time they arrived at a new station the oldest son would tell his mom " i don't see any here either". It seemed that each station we arrived at it became a game of 'Wheres Waldo' with animals... that and it was unbearably hot that day. So by the time we got to what appeared like dioramas for live animals, Emma could finally see the animals up close and she squealed with delight. She loved the monkeys best, and the birds, really any thing that moved and had fur just had her in stiches. When we got to the petting zoo she was a little off put by the size of the animals. She was especially cautious with the four horned sheep. It seems she is only comfortable with animals her own size. So she got to pet her first sheep. It seemed she had fun and it really turned out to be a magical day. Stay tuned for her carousel adventure and the beauty of fireflies.

wha wha, come on in..

She did like the seal act.

ok, it is hot, can we go now?

let me push my stroller, ima big girl.

yep, i'm an ol' cowhand

whatchya lookin' want my mum mum?

I will beat you at the stare down.

mmm, time for my lunch break.

so, um..where are the animals?

i'm too cute!

emma is growing up

Emma is truly growing into her own person. She has a feisty personality who will throw down when you dont give her what she wants. She has learned the word "no" and truly hates it. If anyone so much as says anything resembling she sound of no, such as not or nothing...she will break down in tears. It is a slow motion process where your eyes meet, there is silence, she gives the look of a deer caught in a headlight and you see her face start to contort. The countdown starts for the wailing to begin. Tears start streaming down her little chubby cheeks. She aint no fool. She plays the martyred baby well. If you were to hear her from outside you would swear she was being tortured. She is smart too, she will place her hand over what she knows she cannot touch and will just let if hover while you both make eye contact. She waits for the dreaded NO. But she will test you to see who can hold out the longest. LIl' punk.

She has also learned how to point at things. Things she wants or things that just call her attention. This little person, 10 months old knows what she wants. She has also learned to do certain parlor tricks on cue. She does this cute things with her arm where she flaps it over her mouth while singing. When you just put your hand on your mouth she will perform her musical talents for you. She will also motor boat her lips on cue. We aer working on blowing kisses. So here is a snippet of her musical talents.

daddy's back!

um, I said I wanted the REAL thing!

yeah, im talkin' to yu!

i guess he is ok.

It is funny how little girls really love their daddys. I have only left her side only one day since she was born...her daddy has gone to San Diego, Woodshole and just got back from a 6 week stint in Australia, yet for her it is as if he never left. It is almost as if she has rediscovered him. She is so in love with him...lights up when she sees him, only wants him to hold her...will go into laughing fits with him. I guess I have become the disciplinarian and Daddy's is the fun one. Oh well, she is a happy baby with both her parents and it is nice to have a partner back, so we can tag team and get 10 percent of what needs to get done, done. He brought her back this koala bear puppet and she seems to like it. She would have much rather preferred the real thing, but apparently Australia is quite protective of their endangered species...gees.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I think she got it

I am so proud of my little girl. After weeks of trying to get her to feed master the pincer grasp...she did it. I just was overcome with joy. She was so proud as she shoveled the puffs into her mouth, at times looking like an ant eater or a hoover vacuum cleaner. She will use the back of her hand to push it in. I realized that we are on the road to becoming self sufficient. I am happy to gain some extra minutes to do other things now, like eat. I don't have to do things for her, instead I can do things with her. This fills me with so much joy. To just be able to share breakfast with her. I couldn't have asked for more than to witness her steps towards independence. She is too cute.