Monday, June 27, 2011

this morning

Emma was actually being quite. She actually slept in her room all night, as she had a very busy day the previous day. My routine was the same, but as I was getting ready in the bathroom, I hear items breaking and I walk over and see Emma holding two picture frames, both had been taken apart. My only guess is she was trying to climb the bookshelf and knocked them down by mistake. I told her that Emma broke Mommy's things and that Mommy was very sad. She then said "emma time out" and walked herself to the kitchen where her stool is and sat there and whined. I put the timer on for two minutes and then went to finish getting dressed. I could hear the beep go off and by the time I got back to the kitchen, E was still sitting on the stool, looking all sad. I then explained to her why she had been given a time out and then she hugged me and asked if "momma happy?". She then actually behaved for the walk to the car, which is usually both a power struggle and mini obstacle course for me.
Anyway, a cute thing she did this morning was she took Ant's camera and somehow turned it on by herself and the next thing I see is a flash going off. I realize she had been taking random pictures. When I went back to see what she shot , it was actually quite comical. She is starting to get the concept of photography. I might let her take more pictures and see what she gets.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Book of the Week, Me...Jane

"Every individual matters. Every individual has a role to play. Every individual makes a difference. "-Jane Goodall.

This book combines my love for both writer/illustrator Patrick McDonnell and one of my heroes Jane Goodall. I adore the comics Mutts, and love that McDonnell is such an animal advocate and works hard at raising animal awareness. Jane Goodall has devoted her life to studying and preserving the lives of not only chimpanzees but the conservation and welfare of all animals. In the book Me...Jane, McDonnell tells the story of a young Jane Goodall and her prized toy, a stuffed chimp named Jubilee. In this book you learn of her quest for adventure and thirst for wanting to do something good for this world. You can see how Goodall's work has truly been a lifelong passion of hers. This is a story that will speak to everyone. Young children will be inspired to observe the world around them, older kids will be inspired to pursue their dreams, adult will be reminded of what it is to have a dream and perhaps be inspired to make a difference, no matter how small it may seem.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Father's day letter to Emma

very first picture with Granpa, you are two months old. He was so scared of holding you so I propped you next to him.

your first birthday.

He loved animals, and had such a soft spot for strays. You now know where your moma got that same need to rescue all animals from harm.

On each father’s day you and I have picked out cards not just for your papa, but also your grandpa, my father. Two years ago you helped me make grandpa a mug by placing our signature hand print on it and signing it Bam Bam. That mug was his prized possession. He would always remind my mom, your grandma, to be very careful because “my girl” made it for him and that it was "very special". Yesterday morning I showed you a picture of Grandpa and 5 minutes later you came around the corner and told me that “granpa es bye bye”. It made me sad, but it warmed my heart that at your tender age of two and a half you are able to remember him and are aware that he has indeed gone bye bye.

This year is going to be a year of firsts without grandpa and as I try to figure out how to cope with his absence, I am aware that he lives on in us, through you and Logan and in all the small things he did for me as a child. It is very bitter that the first holiday we celebrate without him is Father’s Day. I write you today so you can remember him and know just how much he loved you. He more than loved you, he adored you. His eyes would literally twinkle when he saw you and he would just sit back and follow you around the room with his eyes. Perhaps you reminded him of me, since we are practically twins separated by some 30 years, or perhaps he was reminded of how wonderful life is and how it goes on. He was such a giving man and extremely thoughtful. He was always on the lookout for things he thought we would like. I have found catalogues where he circled things and had your or Logan’s name written to the side. He was always thinking of you, and his family. He was very quiet and there are not a lot of stories of grand adventures with him, but it is the small things that he did that still mean so much to me. How he embroidered my name onto first school bag, and how he made my own wooden pencil box, or how he remembered how upset I was that no boy gave me flowers for Valentine’s, so he went out and got me a huge bouquet and quietly left them in my room.

You were his Bam Bam; he gave you that name early on. See back in the day there was a cartoon called The Flintstones and there was a baby named Bam Bam who was freakishly strong, much like you. You would crash into things and slam toys around and that would make him laugh, so he gave you that moniker. Till the end he would only refer to you as his Bam Bam and he would always end each conversation by reminding us to always take good care of you because you were too lovely of a little girl. He had such patience, love and concern for you. I remember on your first birthday you could not sit still and were all over the place and he would just watch you like a mama cat, silent but so attentive. He was so gentle and I am sorry that your memory of him will fade but you need to believe me when I tell you that he is watching over you. You have to trust me when I tell you he lives on in your good deeds, because he taught us by example and he never hurt anyone, he never stole nor lied. He gave all that he could and more. A more humble, more altruistic man I have not meet, well…you will one day see that you are just as lucky to have a father like I did.

So Bam Bam, you might not see him or remember him but never for once doubt that he adored you and he is right there next to you, guiding you.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

cute things

Emma has been really good these past few days. Im trying hard to keep my cool and go past just saying "no" to her. Im trying to explain in detail why I am saying no and then have her focus on something else. I believe in energy and I feel she is picking up on my calmer demeanor. She will now say, "we friends" and asks for "moma con migo". She plays so nicely on her own and I love watching her play with her little toys, making them talk to each other. I love how she is trying to be more gentle with poor Gato and makes sure they eat their lunch. It is funny watching her try and corral Ephy into the kitchen, because Ephy knows to stay at least 5 feet away from her. She loves to help me while I'm in the kitchen and will pass me dishes. I have a red oven mitt and the other day she found the red case for her DVD player and took it to her play kitchen and was using it as an oven mitt. She is getting better at listening to my threats of time out and loves to snuggle at 3 in the morning. Now that is painful for me but when I look down and she is hugging me it makes it alright. This morning as I woke up to her next, my eyes went down to meet hers and she just light up and smiled at me and gently kissed my face. Oh ninj...i do love you!


Emma has been to the movies now three times. The first time she was only about 8 months old and she slept through the whole film. Last year we took her to see Toy Story 3 and she did ok, and this year it was Kung Foo Panda and she behaved so well. I decided to give her the true movie experience and bought her some popcorn. She loves her some popcorn!!

Happy Father's Day

Father's day came and it was just like Mother's day, very relaxing, no agenda, just us three enjoying the day. I decided to treat Ant to a movie, as it seems to be a tradition I'd like to start. For his first father's day I took him to see UP. It was Emma's first movie experience ever, and of course she slept through the whole thing. So this year we went to see Kung Foo Panda and it was hilarious, heart warming and action packed! I actually went to see the first one while I was pregnant and I remember Emma kicking up a storm when the action scenes came on and the loud music was playing. Emma always responded to the beat of drums inside my belly. Afterward we went to Whole Foods to get some lunch and brought it to a nice park to eat. Emma of course was enjoying the great playground and it was just a very enjoyable day.

For his gifts, I made Ant a couple of things. The first was a little card that Emma helped me make. I saw the idea at the blog A Day in the Life, and saw how easy it was to do. Emma loves giving me her hand and now knows it is how she signs cards. Then I bought this sweet book, I love My Daddy by Sebastien Braun. I went through my entire collection of pictures and placed ones I thought were appropriate on each page. Finally I made German chocolate cupcakes because both Ant and my dad love German chocolate cake. This was a new take on them and a new recipe. I think they came out good, but as always I feel they could be better.

daddy's back

sorry dolly, this part is not appropriate for little dolls.

the only time I can photograph her is when she watches her telly. sigh

Well he has been back for a while now, but life just seems to get busier especially now that my mom, and right hand woman have left. Oh how lucky those are that have a support system. Anyway, Anthony got back safe and sound from Hungary and brought Emma back a lovely doll. I have mentioned how I started a dolls of the world collection for her, sort of on a whim. My dear friend Arpi gave her this gorgeous doll from Africa for her first Christmas and since then she just seems to be lucky enough to have people bring her back a doll from their trips. She has a great Aborigine doll, Mexican of course, Egyptian, Swedish and now Hungarian. My moms friend is going to Thailand next week and I have already requested a regional doll.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

hints and ideas

So I wanted to share some images that have inspired me for E's 3rd birthday extravaganza! I really wish I remebered the source but I just get carried away when Im researching ideas that I never cite. I will try and do a better job.

Amway, I just love muslin bags and knew that I wanted to use them as part of her party favor packets since early this year. I ordered some from Save on Crafts, and they are nice, but thicker than what I had hoped for. I am excited with the endless possiblites you can do with them. Shall I stamp them, iron on or emboroider?

I just heart Ball jars and feel they are appropriate for my theme.

I'm not much of a foodie, but I try and make food that is kid friendly and tasty. This year the themes is so strong that the menu has to be specific. This picture of these cute veggies is just an idea I like, kinda neutral, both kid and adult friendly. We shall see if i pursue this one.

ipad love

So I finally received my belated Mother's Day gift and was so happy to get it. The only thing needed to really make it work is internet and we finally got set up with legit internet yesterday.
Needless to say I was up until the wee hours looking at the App store and I must say da ninj wins again. Perhaps it is the inner kid in me that loves this chance to relive my childhood, but I ended up downloading nothing but kid Apps. This morning I introduced her to the Angelina Ballerina App and she loved the coloring pages. The puzzle parts frustrated her a little, but she quickly picked up how to use the touch screen. She just needs to see it once.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Book of the week- When Martha's Away

I have a long list of books waiting to share with you and I know I have fallen behind. I come back today with When Martha's Away by Bruce Ingman. This books is just a delight to look at and read. The illustrations read like a Matisse painting and the story is quite humorous. It tells the story of Lionel the cat and his dialy activities while his owner, Martha, is away. It is not quite what you would think a normal house cat's would do and Lionel certainly is not taking any cat naps throughout the day. All pet owners will enjoy this book as we have all wondered what exactly our pet does while we are gone.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

the countdown-possible give away

So....the official countdown to Emma's birthday will be on June 25. That will be 3 months shy of her 3rd birthday!! Where has the time gone??!! I have been planning her party pretty much since the day after her 2nd one. First it was going to be X, then Y, then Z and then back to Y. I will reveal her theme on the 25th of this month and if any one would like to take a guess at what this year will be, please do so. I might even be inclined to do a little give away. I might be willing to part with one of the favor's I am working on for her party. So leave some guesses and if you already know, Claudia, no chances. Anyway, since I unfortunately have to work on her actual birthday I will be throwing a small shindig for her up here with our closest friends. Since I already get Columbus day off, I will be going to Tampa that weekend and celebrating it Oct 8th with all our friends and family. This way I don't have to use a vacation day. I feel it will work out in the end. Plus my friends daughter's b-day will also be that weekend, so it will be a birthday weekend extravaganza. So here's to working hard for the next three months. .


I'm off on an new adventure.

jeans, Old Navy
top, Zara
vest, Gap
hat, momma's

she loves her gramma

always running

making her Blue Steel face and sporting my Anthroplogie necklace.

getting stronger

you can't catch me

I want to touch it

Philly is a short drive from the city..I mean in an hour and half you are in a new state, city, environment. You really cant beat that. I will miss that about living up north. How close everything is. I mean in Florida, in an hour and half you are maybe in a new county. Anyway, we took my mom to Philly and we had a really nice, calm day. We spent most of the time at the Museum of Art and it was splendid. It was pay what you wish and they were having a Family Day. The ninj and her papa did some art while my mom and me had a chance to see most of the museum in peace. Granted the second half was typical. Emma running and trying to climb ancient artifacts, yelling and thinking its funny to be chased. It is funny because I saw this other couple that had a boy version of Emma and a little baby. The father's expression was one I knew all to well. I wonder how it will be if there ever is a baby ninja, or baby Buddha, as we both feel we might get the complete opposite of Emma the second time around.
Anyway, Emma did some arts, the ran around the entrance steps, she actually napped and we were able to walk the historic streets, see the Liberty Bell and have some nice lunch at Ariana, our favorite Afghan restaurant. We then went to Franklin's Fountain, THE beat ice cream ever. The place is meant to look like the turn of the century and just going there is an experience. You see the staff in costume, they only take cash and use paper cups, straws and sell vintage candy.
Since we just introduced Emma to ice cream at the beginning of the year, and she has become quiet a fan, we didn't want her to miss out on the Franklin experience. The only problem is she was still sleeping and she HATES to be woken up. She becomes a little banshee. So I tried a new approach. I gently dabbed some chocolate ice cream on her lips and could see her toss and show signs of getting irritated. Then I dabbed some more and she smacked her lips and sat right up, eyes still closed and said with such tenderness, "ice cream". She grabbed her little cup and pulled it into her and continued to eat, with her eyes half closed. It was really sweet and funny. Nothing comes between Emma and her ice cream.

The Boston Aquarium

she's telling her dad to step back, he's cramping her style.

what's that little fish? I dont hear you.

Bean town

helping gramma

at the children's museum

emma is always on her best behavior during nap time

she calls this the bumble bee...????

My mom has always wanted to visit the New England states. I had always thought it would be an adventure we would share as a family with both my parents. My mom is finally able to travel now, I guess worry free. She never wanted to leave my father alone. So her first request was Boston. We love Boston and have been 4 times prior to this trip. This is also Emma's second time there. We stayed a weekend and got a suite, which is really the way to go when you have a child. It was a great weekend. The weather was amazing and the food was delicious. My mom treated us to lobster and we got canolis from our favorite pastry shop, Mike's Pastry. We did the freedom trail and Emma got a chance to go to the playground and the aquarium and the children's museum. I must stay that the children's museum in Boston is hands down the best one we have been to so far. I got a family membership and we have already been to the one in Tampa, Norwalk and Manhattan. Boston is amazing. It is huge, not crowded, by the water and has so many interesting things kids can do and learn about. Really great. We will be back in the fall. And the aquarium was just lovey but super crowded. I mean the layout is fantastic, but it was impossible to really see the fish and enjoy being there.
So it felt good to be away and show my mom the city. She really loved it. She really wants to go to Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire and Montreal. I have to plan when this can all happen. I see a grand farewell to the north east in my future.