Monday, June 27, 2011

this morning

Emma was actually being quite. She actually slept in her room all night, as she had a very busy day the previous day. My routine was the same, but as I was getting ready in the bathroom, I hear items breaking and I walk over and see Emma holding two picture frames, both had been taken apart. My only guess is she was trying to climb the bookshelf and knocked them down by mistake. I told her that Emma broke Mommy's things and that Mommy was very sad. She then said "emma time out" and walked herself to the kitchen where her stool is and sat there and whined. I put the timer on for two minutes and then went to finish getting dressed. I could hear the beep go off and by the time I got back to the kitchen, E was still sitting on the stool, looking all sad. I then explained to her why she had been given a time out and then she hugged me and asked if "momma happy?". She then actually behaved for the walk to the car, which is usually both a power struggle and mini obstacle course for me.
Anyway, a cute thing she did this morning was she took Ant's camera and somehow turned it on by herself and the next thing I see is a flash going off. I realize she had been taking random pictures. When I went back to see what she shot , it was actually quite comical. She is starting to get the concept of photography. I might let her take more pictures and see what she gets.

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