Monday, July 27, 2009

emma lounging by the pool

i love the pool!!!

come on Baby Gap ad campaign 2010!

sometimes I just sit here and enjoy the silence

you like my bikini?

Emma is an aquatic creature. At first she hated the bath but now you cant get her out of the bath tub or pool. She goes crazy and instinctually knows how to swim. She paddles away , splashing like a happy baby duck. oh my baby...

first boys, now makeup and driving...where will it all end?

can i please have some rouge for my lips?

it's ok dad, i got my own wheels.

Emma , a member of the Baroque Sex Pistols

I'm going to be a musician.

you wanna rumble? U, me outside now.

emma gets in trouble

prove it.

exhibit A

exhibit B

Im standing by my story that I had nothing to do with the baby powder.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

emma's first love

what do you mean I'm too young to date?!

i find him so fascinating.

picture it, Tampa 2030

my mom teaches a little boy spanish 3 times a week and emma seems to be fascinated by him. She will stare at him and squeal at him. They seem to get along swimmingly. Anyway, he is a "catch", too bad she is 9 months old and he, only 9 years old. I see the beauty of arranged marriages...j.k.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

king kong

emma has discovered yet another use for her feet. She is like king kong climbing the empire state. she wants to get out of her play pen and i think she almost has it.... lord...she just cant be stopped. she wears me out and is just way too advanced i think for her age. a 9 month old should just sit and play nice. well, she cracks me up and now i have to pay extra attention to her. not a moment alone. i love her so much.


just an hour after my fall

it looks worse the next day...

but i'm ok. it was an accident and mommy feels bad

i can still work it...bruised noses are all the rage for fall 2009

i'm a big girl now..i can give myself my bottle, when i want to.

emma is a walkin', kinda

whachya' lookin' at Willis?

going to the market, i'll be right back

and I can wave now too

thanks auntie naz for my gift. I luv it.

move over suri, emma is here.

ya like my shades?

ok, that is enough.

emma's sleeping positions

I love it when emma sleeps with her booty up in the air. she is too cute. The last picture is of her sleeping all stretched out. it scares me that she is only 9.5 months old and looks like she is almost 2. My word she will be a supermodel and get me out of the poor house.

come on lamby, let's get away.

i love my lamby.

Aerial view

emma's balloon

emma is one crazy baby. She loves the sound of plastic crinkling between her hands and thanks to her 5 finger discount, I got her her first balloon at Publix. She picked it here she is loving her balloon to death.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

playdate with ma cuz

good night tampa!

is this thing on?

climb every mountain

it's rainy days like today that i question my existence.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

emma's new bikini

emma has a new bikini....she loves to go swimming and we went to the pool on Monday. she wore herself out. hard to see as this video was shot on my cell phone.