Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Early Halloween

Emma had her first school party ever yesterday. Her teacher had a Halloween party and I, being the crafty nerd that I am, made cute little treat bags for the kids. Since her school is a nut free school, I am not allowed to bake anything at home. Everything has to be store bought and clearly labeled. This was a crushing blow to me, someone who loves to bake! Anyway, I figured I could jazz up some non-treat items for the kids. I had found these really cute iron-ons last year on this great blog called Oscar and Emma, but never got around to doing them. Since I have so many of the canvas bags left over from E's party I decided to finally make them and fill them up with leftover pinata toys. I also bought some Vermont Nut free chocolates during out trip and printed some cute bag toppers at and handed them out.

Vermont part two-Billings farm

yeah, im looking at you

my dream porch

I'm 50! No, wait, I'm three

cuz I'm a cowgirl!

We took E to Woodstock on our last day in VT where they have this cute, small, working farm called Billings Farm. She got to pet the sheep, cows and horses. She was happiest though playing in a pile of leaves, sigh. The view was just lovely, the rolling hills and green pastures. We got to visit an 1850's farm house and across the street they have the Billings-Rockefeller mansion. It is such a beautiful home that has been left pretty much in tact. It was a nice way to end our Vermont tour.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I heart covered bridges

ninj was one with nature

I love her little bear vest from Gymboree

she loved our first scenic, road side stop...

so proud at going to the bathroom outdoors for the first time

This past weekend we took a nice little vacation to Vermont. We have always wanted to go but just never had the time. I must say Vermont is a dream. The landscape is just so lush and awe inspiring, and just the way of living up there. It is so clean, so honest. You can feel a sense of community and everyone is so aware of how they can help out the earth. It really is the green state with recycle bins everywhere and even a few compost bins. It was just a dream. The scenery, so green and lush, the leaves, red, yellow and orange. E had a great time. We hit up Burlington and Woodstock and hope to go back one day to explore more of the little towns.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Angelina party-E's friend

As I mentioned before, E is an Angelina fan, so I threw her a petite fete for our NY crew. It was really sweet to see E interact with my friend's niece, Tayla. Since E is an only child and just started going to school, she hasn't had much interaction with other children. I never realized how much of a learned process social interaction is. I was so pleasantly surprised to see both E and Tayla playing so well, taking turns pushing each other in her Little Tykes car. It was endearing and heartwarming. I never heard, "it's mine" or any form of yelling or saw pushing or hitting. Aw, my girl is growing up so fast!

Angelina Ballerina 3rd Birthday

handmade party invites...such fun to make

the table, small but filled with love and little details

my first time working with fondant and I must say I like how my bows came out

fun with the hipstamic prints

my banner that I made with all my new tools, I love Michaels!

I got the fondant custom made cake topper from Brandee Dent at FondantFads

My Emma rosettes are my pride. They took forever to make but look so lovely.

lovely printable bunting I got at the The TomKat Studio

marshmallow pops!

the personalized water bottles were the party favors

E's birthday wreath-this is a keeper!

just change the number each year!

I had a small birthday for Emma in NY to celebrate with our few, yet dear circle of friends. I decided to do an Angelina b-day party, as Emma is a quite a fan, and it was too late for me to plan a large scale Angelina party for her back home. The setting was scaled back but I tried to spare no expense when it came to the details. As with my Olivia Party, there isn't a lot of Angelina party items out there, so this party was truly hand made! I had a blast making each item and I know I will be be able to use the banner and wreath for next year's celebration. It was a great day, very simple but Emma had fun, and that is all that matters. I cannot believe she is 3!!!