Monday, May 23, 2011

Day at da zoo

ithe goat whisperer.

alligators are my favorite!

giving me the ol' stink eye.

E was a little cranky yesterday and Olivia ended up frightening her, but all in all I feel she had a good time. We didn't stay too long at the Bronx Zoo, but she did get to see some bears, seals and her favorite was the petting zoo. She loves llamas and was so into feeding the goats and sheep. A real little helper to animals.

Emma banina

As I have mentioned, E is into Angelina Ballerina, or as she calls her Angelina banina. She loves to wear her tutus and ballet slippers and dance away. Emma has some tuts that are cute and do the job, but they aren't the best quality. The other day I saw this cute ensemble at TJ Maxx for 10 dollars. It was on clearance and such a good deal I couldn't pass it up. The tutu is of great quality and comes with built in shorts (baby pants), plus the cute top with a little girl that looks like E and a cute headband. Needless to say she wanted to wear this outfit the next day.

Emma the fashionista

style, profile-pouty lips and all

Emma is super independent and will only ask for help when she has exhausted her last nerve. She loves shoes and will take off her current shoes and put on her new pair right at the store. She loves to go around the house trying on Ant and my shoes and it really is quite cute. The other day I was about to change her and I got distracted and she somehow took her diaper off and was running around the house with one pink Croc, her sunglasses and a white belt around her waist. She looked to cute and I wish I had the camera at that point. The photo above is when I finally managed to put a dress on her. She insisted on having the belt put back on and she opted this time for Ant's huge Cons.


you can see how close we were to her as we ate lunch.

here we go, it's our turn

nope, not having it.

I was so excited to get an email letting us know that Olivia would be making an appearance at the Bronx Zoo this weekend. So we got ready on Sunday and made our way over there. Emma remembers the zoo and got so excited as we parked the car. She started saying "animales" and "okay okay okay". So we had time to kill and did the carousel and saw some bears. Then there was a line to get your picture taken with Olivia so Ant waited in line while E and I went to have some lunch. While we were eating we saw Olivia approach and stand just feet away from us. Emma was smiling and waving at Olivia, telling her hello. So we joined the line and when it got to our turn, Emma quickly put the brakes on! She refused to go and when I picked her up to stand next to Olivia, she started shrieking like a banshee and crying these huge tears. It was as if I had repierced her ears again. She couldn't even look at Olivia. It was mildly embarrassing and even weird as we walked away, Emma waved and told Olivia "bye bye". I guess she just wasn't ready to see her face to face...anyway..

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

An extra book pick-The Heart and the Bottle

I love how well Penguin Publishing summarized The Heart and the Bottle by Oliver Jeffers that I'd like to share it below. This book is a sort of a pick, but really it is a book that has been looming over my head since my father passed. I have known of this book since it came out a few years back, and I have mentioned it before as possibly not being quiet a children's book. I now see it at a great children's book to help both parent and child understand the loss of a loved one. Oliver Jeffers is perhaps in my top 3 all time favorite children's book authors and illustrators. If you get a chance to ever peruse this book, don't pass it up.

"There is a wonder and magic to childhood. We don’t realize it at the time, of course . . . yet the adults in our lives do. They encourage us to see things in the stars, to find joy in colors and laughter as we play.

But what happens when that special someone who encourages such wonder and magic is no longer around? We can hide, we can place our heart in a bottle and grow up . . . or we can find another special someone who understands the magic. And we can encourage them to see things in the stars, find joy among colors and laughter as they play.

Oliver Jeffers delivers a remarkable book, a tale of poignancy and resonance reminiscent of The Giving Tree that will speak to the hearts of children and parents alike."

you can check out a video on his process here. He's kinda cute!

Book of the week-The Loud Book

ok, so I'm back with my book of the week. It has been a long while and it has taken me some time to feel inspired. I kick off my return with this wonderful book that I have been aware of for a while now. I was so happy to get my hands on it sooner than I had hoped. It is the companion book to last year's The Quiet Book, written by Deborah Underwood and illustrated by one of my favorite illustrators, Renata Liwska. Liwska is an illustrator I adore and I have already mentioned her own first authored book, The Red Wagon as one of my picks. The illustrations, though familiar, are just as warm and inviting as the previous book and this time your child will learn about all the different types of Loud there are. Just a lovely book that both you as a parent and your child will enjoy.

emma's way of talking

Emma is a chatter box, unfortunately for her, most of it is is only understood by her and Gato. She is also very expressive and loves to use her hands when telling me something. I love how her mind works and she will find ways to describe new things with words she already knows. For example, she can say the proper names to most article of clothing. She is knows in Spanish and English how to say socks, shoes, pants, shirts, dress, jacket and pyjamas. Since it has been so cold up here E has not worn shorts, but in Tampa she would wear her shorts all the time. The other night I was putting her jammies on and she didnt want to wear the long pants. She requested to have "baby pants" put on. She did so in her usual cute way, "no, no quieres pants, quiero baby pants". It was too much. And another cute example was last week she saw a lady gardening and she told me that the lady was "cleaning her trees". She is so cute....a punk who loves to torture Gato, but she is a doll.

Monday, May 16, 2011

I love my mornings

Yeah it sucks when da ninj decides to crawl into bed at 6am and wants to start the day but I've actually come to look forward to our routine. I love how she crawls into bed and lays her head on my chest, so as to not wake me up. Then she will hug me and once I hug her back she always says "Emma happy". I love knowing that my touch, my presence makes another human being so happy. I love how she waits until I'm physically out of bed to wish me a "good morning" and she runs to her changing table so I can put on a fresh diaper. She is so lovely right when she wakes up. Its only after she recharges herself with some breakfast that she starts her ninja moves.

Friday, May 13, 2011

I have to try this

Emma loves kiwi and chocolate and these look delicious and healthy and perfect for summer. You can find the how to steps at Cathy Shambley's blog.

I gotchyou

Whenever Emma wants me to carry her she says "Igotchyou". It is so cute. At times she wants me to "gotchyou" while my hands are full but I love that she still wants mommy to hold her. This picture reminds me of those moments.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

I just love her

aint she a doll?!

Salvador Dali

yep, she cant be still for a moment

las tres generaciones

The new Salvador Dali museum opened a few months ago in St Pete, FL. We decided to go check it out and it is beautiful new space, though the collection remains the same. It would have been nice to have seen new objects or other temporary exhibitions. They have a small, but really interactive kids room and Emma of course was happy with the giant floor puzzles, little tent and making her own mustache.


"It comes in waves" has been my go to answer when people ask me how I'm doing. I'm actually quite touched with my friends, some that I haven't really spoken with in a while, will simply call me up to see how I'm doing. At first I'm taken aback wondering why they would call just to ask me how I am, but then I remember how it is more than a mere curiosity on my daily routine. So I answer that it comes in waves. At times strong and violent, smacking me to the ground and leaving me disoriented and other times things seem so far away and calm. The serenity that I feel at times frightens me because I feel there must be something wrong with me to be this at peace. And I still find myself getting excited at certain things that I see and feel that I must get for my dad. It's like a knee jerk reaction and it pains me when I realize that there is no longer a need to remind Anthony to pick up some nice candy at the duty free shop or send my mom home with some of the latest Trader Joes cookies. It is those small things that are taking some time getting used to. I still can't refer to my parents home as just my mother's home. It is still "their" home. They lived there, they rescued cats, they...

Monday, May 9, 2011

da ninj

E really does crack me up. She is so independent that I do not know what to do with her. She will not let us help her at all. I can no longer strap her into the car seat or stroller. She has to be the one to do it. She is such a punk. She has even mastered the stink eye. Every thing is "no quieres" now. She is a ball of love though, and during these hard times she has been the light that I so need. I look at her and feel such love and peace. She doesn't like to see me cry and will make faces to make "momma happy". In a way it has been good to have her around. I need to be strong for her now more than ever. I want to be the best that I can for her and give her the best that she deserves.

happy mother's day

being all cute and what not

she always gets food on her face.

I've been hesitant when it comes to celebrating Mothers Day as I still see it as a holiday just for my mother. It is weird to get a sort of extra birthday, but I think I've finally come to terms with it. This mother's day was really nice. It was what I needed, a delicious picnic in Central Park, under a shady tree and blue skies. We picked up some yummy sandwiches from Whole Foods, brought some wine and treats and just relaxed. And the best part was Emma behaved wonderfully. She loved sitting on the blanket and ate her lunch like a lady. She of course wanted to run at the end of her meal, but it was nice to have had a good 30mns of peace, eating as a family. We then took her to the carousel where we saw a mini celeb, the Fonz and then did some shopping.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Bonnie and Clyde, 2011

you want us to what?

let's just pretend we are kissing, ok?

we didn't do it

why is she giving me this look?