Friday, May 6, 2011

Disney World

on a boat...we're on a boat

she was so into this performance. Her little face lit up when she saw Mickey and Goofy and the gang.

on a magic carpet ride. She sang "A Whole New World" the entire ride, it was too cute!

eating ketchup...just ketchup

nap time

she is so musical...

kinda scared of the teacup ride

This was E's second time at Disney and she had a great time. She is still afraid of the indoor rides, but she loved Dumbo, the carpet ride and carousel the most. She also LOVED Its a Small World. Last year that ride scared her to death, but this year she was so happy...She did take a loooonnngg nap which was good for her, but we were left wandering the park with no real place to go. We hope Disney starts selling beer, because we really had a hankering for some cold beer.
E also loved the parade and was so happy to see all her favorite characters, though things have changed since I went to Disney as a kid. Before characters would just walk around and you asked if you could take a picture with them. Now they have bouncers and long lines and ropes. Every time we went to get in line we were told the character was no longer taking pictures. So no photo op for miss E. Anyway, I think we are good on Disney trips for a while.

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