Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Book of the week, Along a Long Road

Along a Long Road by Frank Viva is a visually striking book using a limited palette consisting of only 5 colors, one of which is a shiny golden road that flows from page to page, front cover to back cover. The text is a simple rhyming text that follows the route of the bike. Children and parents will enjoy reading this book out loud and any one with a love of cycling and traveling will love this book as they follow this man's journey on his bicycle all over the city, the sea and the countryside.
I love this quote from Publishers Weekly, “It’s the kind of book that creates a mood rather that telling a story, evoking the freedom of traveling, the joy of movement and the exhilaration of being outside.”

cute things

Emma is starting to talk in fuller sentences. She will ask us "what are you doing" all the time and if Im in the kitchen she will add cocina to the end of that sentence. She will now ask us to "read her books" in both spanish and english and she loves to help us clean up. My favorite part of the day is when she wakes ups. Even if she just has her eyes slightly cracked open, if she sees me, she quickly stands up and runs to me and hugs me. She gets this slightly startled/scared look on her face , as if I m going to abandon her. Then she holds on just little longer. Yesterday in the car she started making silly noises and after she did that, she laughed and said "Emma you're so funny" and "Emma is crazy". She cracks me up and it cracks me up her ability to already knowingly be a comedian.
She also is doing voices. When she plays with her toys she will make the voice for Goofy and Minnie. She has such a good ear. I love watching her play with her toys.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Emma, the tour guide

On today's itinerary we will be casing Cartier, moma needs some new bling, stopping by the Godiva store, I need some cocholate, and it will end with a little street performance. Sound good, any questions?

Emma the street performer

So yesterday we took her and the kids to the Natural History Museum and Emma was super cranky and wound up. She really loves Juan and I think she is trying to impress him or something. She still calls him nene, and will hold his hand and hug him and laugh with him. Anyway, we took them to the museum and then crossed the park so he could get a chance to experience the beauty that is Central Park. As we are walking Emma hears some drums playing in the distance, and like Pavlov's dog, she starts dancing. When we get to the guy with the drums she just stops and stares at him and dances for him. The he lets her bang one of his drums and Emma takes that as an invitation to sit next to him and take control over his second drum. Emma starts beating the drum and then starts singing the exact same tune that he had been singing for her. It was kinda creepy but really neat to see how attune her ears are. He was impressed. He called her bright and energetic and said she had a good sense of music. I kinda already knew that and we all joke how she will be an artist...I sigh because I want her to be a doctor or a lawyer...something practical yet financially secure. Anyway, I love how social and gregarious and fearless my daughter is. I should totally set up camp in a subway one day and see how much money we can make!!!

Emma the dancer

you can catch emma this summer, in Central Park, right behind the boat house!!
she is such a little dancer. She loves to dance and is not afraid to bust a move. I love how carefree and uninhibited she is!!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

drum roll

I know I'm falling behind schedule. To be honest I do not know why I'm in such a slump, but as promised here is the theme for E's 3rd birthday. I cannot believe that she is going to be three!!! It goes way too fast. So as you can see by the picture, for those of you who have seen the movie, her birthday theme is going to be Princess and the Frog. And I am working hard at not making it a Disney party...it is more like, inspired by the movie, New Orleans, and the bayou. So we shall see how it comes out.

Book of the Week, Little Owl Lost

Little Owl Lost by Chris Haughton is such an adorable book. The story is simple and though it has been told before, it is a refreshing take on the tale of being lost and found. This book reminded me of a little of Are you My Mother? by P.D. Eastman, aka Dr. Seuss. It follows this little owl who falls out of his tree and needs help finding his mother. He befriends a funny, yet slightly over eager squirrel who aids him in helping find his moma. After several failed, yet humours attempts, it is a frog who comes to the rescue. This book is also visually stunning as it harks back on a 1960's retro, minimalistic feel. Both parents and kids are sure to enjoy this lovely tale.

Outdoor movie

top, Janie and Jack
shorts, gift from auntie naz
attitude, all mommy

Yesterday we took E and Ximena to see Shrek 4 at the Kensco Dam. It was a free, outdoor event and I thought why not. The only down side was that they movie didn't start until 9pm, so needless to say that towards the end E was a little overtired. All in all it was a fun event. I had never seen a movie outdoors, and it was fun to be around other families and bad food. Emma is super social and became very interested in a group of kids that were behind us. When the Electric Cha Cha song came on and the kids started to dance, Emma quickly got in front of them and copied their every move. she is just so fearless. They of course ignored her, but she didn't care and when the brother started dosidoing with his sister, Emma really wanted to join and and grabbed the sister, much to that litle girls disgust. It seems older kids have little patience for toddlers. Emma quickly found another girl who was dancing and started coping her. It was really sweet to watch. Once the movie started, E wanted to sit with the other kids, but we had to pull her back to our area.

4th of July!

all aboard

no B, this is how you do a reverse pike

catch me if you can!!

I'll try some of that there.

E likes her men to have a little salt and pepper

she acts as if she owns 5th Ave.

My cousin from Mexico is visiting us for the next two weeks and I have had a blast showing her around the city. I feel like I'm 20 again...free to travel, with no worries. It has just been us two girls and I must say I love discovering all these things the city has to offer and which I have taken for granted. We have walked all over Manhattan, done the Highline, MoMA, Met and on the 4th of July we had a nice picnic in Central Park. The food was delish and my dear friend, and partner in crime, joined us for the mini celebration. Emma loves being outdoors and is quiet social. There was a nice family next to us with two little girls, around Emma's age, who had all these toys, balloons and a tent. Emma of course, not being shy, just made her self cozy in their little tent. They were so kind to share their balloons and even take Emma on a ride on their wagon. It was a great day.

pride fest

and she is off

trying to hide from the po po

her best blue steel.

her first Mr. Softee

The last weekend in June marked the end of Pride week and it was a historical time as NY legalized same sex marriage. I thought it would be great to participate in both the celebration and history making, so we took Emma to the Pride Parade. It has been a while since we last went to none, and they still are a lot of fun. Great energy, music, dancing in the streets. Emma had a good time, though we did wait around a long while for the thing to start, and we all know that Emma waiting in one place is never a good thing. All in all it was fun, and one day Emma will say "I was there".