Friday, July 8, 2011

Outdoor movie

top, Janie and Jack
shorts, gift from auntie naz
attitude, all mommy

Yesterday we took E and Ximena to see Shrek 4 at the Kensco Dam. It was a free, outdoor event and I thought why not. The only down side was that they movie didn't start until 9pm, so needless to say that towards the end E was a little overtired. All in all it was a fun event. I had never seen a movie outdoors, and it was fun to be around other families and bad food. Emma is super social and became very interested in a group of kids that were behind us. When the Electric Cha Cha song came on and the kids started to dance, Emma quickly got in front of them and copied their every move. she is just so fearless. They of course ignored her, but she didn't care and when the brother started dosidoing with his sister, Emma really wanted to join and and grabbed the sister, much to that litle girls disgust. It seems older kids have little patience for toddlers. Emma quickly found another girl who was dancing and started coping her. It was really sweet to watch. Once the movie started, E wanted to sit with the other kids, but we had to pull her back to our area.

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