Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Haven

free ninja to a good home

how da ninj prefers to see art

This past Saturday we took a day trip to New Haven. It was fun but a bit stressful as we forgot to bring a stroller and Emma is not yet ready to walk on her own. She is very active so she just wanted to be running everywhere. Anthony decided to go to the British Museum and I wanted to spend most of the time at the Peabody. Anyway, as HE got to look at art, I chased after Emma and made sure she didnt topple over any valuable works of art.


don't worry, I will come back for you

emma will read when ever she feels like it

emma and chichi

she can't be stopped

giving me 'tude

wonder twins, activate!

Chapultepec is an area of the city that has a Castle where the emperor once lived as well as past Presidents. Now it is a beautiful history museum . It has really cleaned up since the last time i was there, 15 years ago. Time really does fly at an alarming rate. The last time I was there and it was quite run down. You could only see the rooms of the castle from behind dirty glass and there were no gardens or access to lovely views. They really pumped a lot of money and energy into renovating this great place. Emma had a good time with my aunt there. It really makes a difference when you have an extra pair of hands and while we looked in peace at the museum, my aunt watched Emma and they went up and down stairs. After the castle we went to the zoo and it is a sad zoo, as zoos go. But Emma got to see the famous panda bear that always eluded me for one reason or another as a child. Emma has now seen two panda bears and my mission is to one day see them in China. It was a nice day since it was the first day it hadn't rained since we got there. We even got a little sun burned.


bellas artes

um, that is my teco-drink

a bug


this is her "I cant hear you" face

Our second outing with Emma in Mexico was to the Zocalo. I was a bit weary of taking emma to the busiest place in the city, but with a small entourage all went well. Emma loved the Zocalo. She loves commotion and people watching. Once we got to the Cathedral we let her loose and she just ran all over the place. Ant took some good pics and it looks like she is doing parkour! I love Downtown, it is nostalgic and retains so many wonderful memories for me. i would spend day just exploring the streets and stores and getting absorbed in the tiny world of street sellers. The architecture there is just lovely. You see remnants or Aztec ruins, Art Nouveau and Art Deco all within steps form each other. I really love downtown and hope to go back when Emma is a little older to enjoy some of the restaurants and stores. Im so happy Emma has a sense of adventure and finds joy in everything, big or small.

Monday, August 23, 2010

mornings with emma

I have had some pretty colorful mornings with Emma this past week.

This morning she was really focused on drawing. We got her an easel at Ikea and she loves it. She is like a mad artist just going to town with her aggressive strokes. I put a picture of Buzz Lightyear and he fell off and all of a sudden Emma says "Buzz fell down". It was really sweet as Emma still is not putting many words together.

Yesterday morning we were about to give Emma her breakfast in the kitchen. We told her it was time to eat her cereal and she picked up her ratty step stool and started moving it out of the kitchen. We were confused as to what she wanted to do and assumed she wasn't ready to have breakfast, until we saw that she dragged the step stool to the "formal" dining room and wanted to have her breakfast there. She really is an independent soul and wants what she wants when she wants it. On Friday morning I was trying to braid her hair. Emma hates having her hair brushed and will take off like a deer . I was able to catch her off guard and when she realized what I was doing she just told me in a grumpy manner to be "careful mama". Her eyebrows were all furrowed and it was sweet. The baby telling the momma to be careful.

Thursday morning I was still sleeping and Ant placed Emma in the bed next to me. She was actually well behaved and let me sleep as she played with her Toy Story toys. All of a sudden I feel something hard in my hand and realized that Emma had placed Jessie in my hands. It was so sweet.

Weds morning Emma had crawled into my bed on her own and pulled the covers over her and fell back asleep. It was such a lovely sight to wake up next to my baby.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

emma and the beach, part 2

alright everyone, tops off!

baby overboard

I wish I had her zest for life

what are you looking at?

I am emma hear me roar

my two baby girls

just chilling here

emma trying to make a getaway

the 4th Charlie's angel

i love this pic, it reminds me of a painting

such a diva

emma does this funny thing of walking backwards

so emma was a lot more reserved at the beach this time. I think having the little lifeboat gave her a sense of freedom she didn't have before. Plus the waves were strong and they hit her in the face a couple of times. She was still running and dancing all over the place but she knew when to stop and would only wade into the water up to a depth she felt comfortable in. I forget how everything is new to her. How magical it is to discover things as simple as the sound a suction cup makes or the texture of sea grass. She is so curious and energetic. I wish we lived closer to the beach or had a pool, for now the tub will have to do.

emma loves to dance

the diva

living the miller high life

the next model for Aqua d'Gio

I took Emma to the beach on Saturday and needless to say she loved it. Her cousin lent her his boat and she was in heaven. She was just lounging like a true diva. she looked like an ad for D&G