Monday, August 23, 2010

mornings with emma

I have had some pretty colorful mornings with Emma this past week.

This morning she was really focused on drawing. We got her an easel at Ikea and she loves it. She is like a mad artist just going to town with her aggressive strokes. I put a picture of Buzz Lightyear and he fell off and all of a sudden Emma says "Buzz fell down". It was really sweet as Emma still is not putting many words together.

Yesterday morning we were about to give Emma her breakfast in the kitchen. We told her it was time to eat her cereal and she picked up her ratty step stool and started moving it out of the kitchen. We were confused as to what she wanted to do and assumed she wasn't ready to have breakfast, until we saw that she dragged the step stool to the "formal" dining room and wanted to have her breakfast there. She really is an independent soul and wants what she wants when she wants it. On Friday morning I was trying to braid her hair. Emma hates having her hair brushed and will take off like a deer . I was able to catch her off guard and when she realized what I was doing she just told me in a grumpy manner to be "careful mama". Her eyebrows were all furrowed and it was sweet. The baby telling the momma to be careful.

Thursday morning I was still sleeping and Ant placed Emma in the bed next to me. She was actually well behaved and let me sleep as she played with her Toy Story toys. All of a sudden I feel something hard in my hand and realized that Emma had placed Jessie in my hands. It was so sweet.

Weds morning Emma had crawled into my bed on her own and pulled the covers over her and fell back asleep. It was such a lovely sight to wake up next to my baby.

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