Wednesday, August 18, 2010

emma and the beach, part 2

alright everyone, tops off!

baby overboard

I wish I had her zest for life

what are you looking at?

I am emma hear me roar

my two baby girls

just chilling here

emma trying to make a getaway

the 4th Charlie's angel

i love this pic, it reminds me of a painting

such a diva

emma does this funny thing of walking backwards

so emma was a lot more reserved at the beach this time. I think having the little lifeboat gave her a sense of freedom she didn't have before. Plus the waves were strong and they hit her in the face a couple of times. She was still running and dancing all over the place but she knew when to stop and would only wade into the water up to a depth she felt comfortable in. I forget how everything is new to her. How magical it is to discover things as simple as the sound a suction cup makes or the texture of sea grass. She is so curious and energetic. I wish we lived closer to the beach or had a pool, for now the tub will have to do.

emma loves to dance

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