Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter wonderland

dont they look happy?

down with gloves!

emma's beauty session

Emma has her nightly ritual, at 730 pm she gets her bath , proceeded by a slathering of lotions and creams and powders, her milk and 15-30 mns of fighting night time. These are just some cute pics of her the other day, clearly not winding down.

my little monkey

if I keep my back turned, then they dont see me.
hm, what is in here?
she finds her treats.
papa, can you help me open this?
Thank you
You can see the step stool she used to get up on the counter.

what you looking at?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

too cute

Failed attempts at photographing Emma for Xmas card

emma loving her stuffed animals to death.

these kind of remind me of Tiny Toon's Elmira...I will love them and hug them and squeeze them to death. Too cute. Of course Gato has to be front and center.

xmas card

these are the Xmas cards we sent out this year. the funny one for the few who would appreciate it and a traditional one. Emma is real hard to photograph so these are what i ended up with. There are other versions of these floating around but in general these are this ones. Merry Christmas to all.

Great Children's books for xmas.

These are my favorite books for xmas. They are sweet and perfect for the little ones. True classics. My little girl loves lift the flap books and touch and feel books, so any Karen Katz book is sure to be a hit with your wee ones as well. Katz apparently makes one for each major holiday. Snow day is the most recent book and tho not necessarily a xmas book, the illustrations are gorgeous and season appropriate.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

happy thanksgiving.

emma wants this doggy

just lounging on thanksgiving morning

not many pictures taken. it was a llllooong day, waiting for my parents to arrive. My dad being elderly and with some problems it was very stressful getting them from florida to NY. We ate late, the food was so so but it was nice to have them up here to watch emma eat her first turkey and stuffing.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

emma does "laundry"

wait, what are you doing?
now I will tuck you in

help me!

emma and gato, the love affair continues

Gato has turned out to be somewhat of Satan's incarnate. He is loving one minute, then you blink, and bam, the devil comes out. He will bite you, nip your Achilles heel, jump on your face. The only one who can tame him is Emma. I think he fears her. Her trick is simply pulling his tail and stepping on him. Somehow it works. They are cute together and since he loves Emma, he can stay, otherwise, he would be back at the shelter....gees...

even bath time is a group activity

happy halloween, yes I know.

I can't believe it is almost turkey day. Time is just flying by. I realized I never uploaded emma's second, but first official , trick-or-treat style, Halloween. I decided she would be a can can dancer, only to realize how she-hulk would have made a better choice. I made her costume a la Rachel Ray style. I got her skirt at Gymboree, top at baby gap and I made her headband and choker with items I found at MJ trimming. She looked more like a lion tamer, but she was still the cutest. She had fun, but could sense excitement in the air and didn't have a good nap. She got tired quickly, her little legs can only go so fast. In the end she did get some good treats, and a lot of "how cute". It had been such a while since I had seen see kids all dressed up in costumes going door to door. Living in Brooklyn these past 5 years, I didn't really get to experience a good ol' fashioned halloween. Ithink Ant and I ended up having more fun than she did, and with so many ideas for the next year, I just cant wait...well I guess I can.
I think I will just toss what i dont like

trick or treat..smell my feet

now comes the best part..

daddy, get your mitts off my cany!

I will lull the savage beast with my tribal drumming

my favorite pic.. there goes my family

emma's first house and treats

run to the next one

my second favorite one

i made her headband and you cant see it, but her chocker