Tuesday, November 24, 2009

happy halloween, yes I know.

I can't believe it is almost turkey day. Time is just flying by. I realized I never uploaded emma's second, but first official , trick-or-treat style, Halloween. I decided she would be a can can dancer, only to realize how she-hulk would have made a better choice. I made her costume a la Rachel Ray style. I got her skirt at Gymboree, top at baby gap and I made her headband and choker with items I found at MJ trimming. She looked more like a lion tamer, but she was still the cutest. She had fun, but could sense excitement in the air and didn't have a good nap. She got tired quickly, her little legs can only go so fast. In the end she did get some good treats, and a lot of "how cute". It had been such a while since I had seen see kids all dressed up in costumes going door to door. Living in Brooklyn these past 5 years, I didn't really get to experience a good ol' fashioned halloween. Ithink Ant and I ended up having more fun than she did, and with so many ideas for the next year, I just cant wait...well I guess I can.
I think I will just toss what i dont like

trick or treat..smell my feet

now comes the best part..

daddy, get your mitts off my cany!

I will lull the savage beast with my tribal drumming

my favorite pic.. there goes my family

emma's first house and treats

run to the next one

my second favorite one

i made her headband and you cant see it, but her chocker

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