Tuesday, November 8, 2011

ouch my ear!

E went to the doctors today. Last night she started complaining of an ear ache, and for once she seemed to be in so much pain. I have never seen Emma in pain. In fact when she gets hurt she usually just shrugs it off or asks me to rub it. But I knew something wasn't right. An hour into her sleep she woke up whimpering and crying. She tossed and turned all night so I took her in today. She was so good at the doctors. We entered the office and she walked up to the receptionist and told her that her ear hurt. Then when the nurse looked at her, E was so still. She even lifted up her shirt before the doc asked her to. E has the routine down pat, as she loves to play doctor at home! Here's hoping that it sticks in her mind all the way into college!

Monday, November 7, 2011


little girl in a big forest. E was looking for clues at this point and took out her pretend magnifying glass and started walking around like those inspectors in old cartoons, all hunched over.

E is now fishing. She just sat down by the creek and started "fishing". She was too cute. She even did the full casting and reeling motions.

"it is time"

E as Rafiki

E has a very good imagination and I love watching it play out. She will just start doing something and when she explains what she is doing, it just melts my heart. This past Sunday as I mentioned we went to Stone Hill Farms and took a nice hike in the National Park. While we are walking E finds a large stick that looks like a staff. She then proceeds to tell me that she is a monkey, but not just any monkey, she is Rafiki from The Lion King. She then starts shaking the staff as if it had the little charms at the end, and doing the chant the monkey does when he mixes some dirt and another stuff. Then we walked a little bit more and pass a babbling brook. E decided to sit down and start fishing. She even did the little reeling motion and everything. The walk concluded with Emma finding a large log and sitting on it and proceeding to say "think think think" as she tapped her hand over her forehead like Pooh does. She is so full of life and sweetness, ugh, I just cant imagine a life without her.

Stone Barn

This Sunday we went to Stone Barn and had an amazing time. It is such a lovely place. The grounds are so well kept and the animals look so happy. Apparently they have this super chi- chi restaurant which maybe one day I will eat at, but we did have some lunch at their cafe and the food and treats were delish. We had the BEST cranberry brioche and yummy black bean soup. Emma ate like a champ. She of course had THE best time. She really is an outdoorsy girl who just loves being outside, exploring her surroundings and being one with nature. The "kitchens" were her favorites and she had a stare down with one. She also loved just walking around in the forest. The setting is so serene, a truly perfect autumn day! She even did potty three times in their bathroom and only had a slight accident when we yelled at her for running out into the street. We really need to work on that.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

I cant no like

Emma still hasn't figured out how to say "I don't" so she says "I can't no like" . It is really cute to hear her say, "I cant no like the light", or "I cant no like you"...aw...heart breaker.

More Halloween pics

Halloween Tradition



E had a good time trick or treating this past Halloween. She wasn't as into it as I thought she would be. She got tired after only 30mns, and wanted to be carried the rest of the way. She understands the whole procedure and what to say, but she just didn't seem like herself. She was lacking pep. I think she was also a little scared by the decorations and really scared by that mask from the movie Scream. I had a little Bodyguard moment when E was put in a corner by a large group of kids and so scared by a kid in that mask, that I had to pluck her up from the crowd and carry her away. The best part was at the end of it all when we inspect her candy. Gato has to be front and center making sure he doesnt miss out on a thing.


While we were in Burlington, VT my mom and I went shopping along Church Street while Ant and da ninj went to a children's museum. She really can get so involved in nerdy stuff like her dad. She enjoyed fishing and learning about sea creatures.