Tuesday, November 24, 2009

emma does "laundry"

wait, what are you doing?
now I will tuck you in

help me!

emma and gato, the love affair continues

Gato has turned out to be somewhat of Satan's incarnate. He is loving one minute, then you blink, and bam, the devil comes out. He will bite you, nip your Achilles heel, jump on your face. The only one who can tame him is Emma. I think he fears her. Her trick is simply pulling his tail and stepping on him. Somehow it works. They are cute together and since he loves Emma, he can stay, otherwise, he would be back at the shelter....gees...

even bath time is a group activity

happy halloween, yes I know.

I can't believe it is almost turkey day. Time is just flying by. I realized I never uploaded emma's second, but first official , trick-or-treat style, Halloween. I decided she would be a can can dancer, only to realize how she-hulk would have made a better choice. I made her costume a la Rachel Ray style. I got her skirt at Gymboree, top at baby gap and I made her headband and choker with items I found at MJ trimming. She looked more like a lion tamer, but she was still the cutest. She had fun, but could sense excitement in the air and didn't have a good nap. She got tired quickly, her little legs can only go so fast. In the end she did get some good treats, and a lot of "how cute". It had been such a while since I had seen see kids all dressed up in costumes going door to door. Living in Brooklyn these past 5 years, I didn't really get to experience a good ol' fashioned halloween. Ithink Ant and I ended up having more fun than she did, and with so many ideas for the next year, I just cant wait...well I guess I can.
I think I will just toss what i dont like

trick or treat..smell my feet

now comes the best part..

daddy, get your mitts off my cany!

I will lull the savage beast with my tribal drumming

my favorite pic.. there goes my family

emma's first house and treats

run to the next one

my second favorite one

i made her headband and you cant see it, but her chocker

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

more idea's for emma's room

If you havent been able to tell, I kinda have a thing for owls. i dont even know where it started or how, but i find myself gravitating towards them when it comes to decorating emma's room. I found another lovely site that has these cute owl items....too cute

owl quilt

musical owl mobile

how cute are these stickers? 60 bucks is a wee caro ,but doable...check out the cool stuff at http://www.fermlivingshop.us/

Monday, November 16, 2009

Lovely posters

I am finally settling into our new apartment and have gotten the bug to give Emma a proper room. I have a love for graphic posters and these are on my next wish list. I have been eyeing the alphabet poster by Binth since before emma was born, but with their hefty price tag it will have to remain on the back burner for a while. I also love Sycamore Press' number poster which is in my budget. I bought a calender from them and love their quality and colors. The middle print is from Sandra Juto and I just find it endearing. I have a thing for alphabet and number books/cards/posters. Even though it is in Norwegian, I still feel Emma would enjoy.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

emma's new dream wardrobe

Anthrolologie is my favorite guilty pleasure store. If I have the money to buy a 15 dollar tea towel or 20 switch plate I go to this store. I love their unique sweaters, tops, dresses, everything!! Once agan they are carrying kids clothing and i juts love their knitted collection my Lia Molly. Check these out...mabye Santa, (grandma) will be kind to emma. she has been good this year....

I, well Emma, made it on another blog. check it out