Monday, January 31, 2011

A+ for my wreath and C- for lemon bars.

For my Valentine's wreath I decided to combine my love of yarns with some sort of embellishment made from cupcakes liners. Super easy but really time consuming. I'd say it took my 4 hours to complete. I'm really happy with the end result because it looks festive without being cliche. I tried to stay away from anything heart shaped. BTW, Emma can now say corazon and it is the cutest.

As to my lemon bars, it was my first ever attempt at making them and a crust from scratch. I must say I am not impressed with my crust and the filling is way too sweet, but only in the middle so I feel they might have needed more time in the oven. I'm on a mission to do more research and find the perfect recipe. I shall attempt to make again later this week.

Emma, the graffiti artist

Since Emma is spending a lot of time indoors I took a trip to Michaels to get some more craft supplies. I got her some washable markers, because Emma loves markers more than crayons, some washable paint, paper and foam stickers. She was so well behaved Sat night, sitting at the table, drawing that I decided it was ok for me to walk away from her and go into the kitchen. That was my mistake. I usually know her silence means she is up to something but since she was so focused on her doodling I really didn't think much of it. This was until I came back to see her and saw this.

She knew she had done something wrong because she just looked at me with these big doe eyes and pointed at her face. I just inhaled and tried not to laugh. She loves taking her art beyond the paper and onto surfaces not appropriate for doodling. THANK GOD I had a protective layer over my new computer because there was a giant marker slash on it. Oh da ninj. you really just need to be constantly repeating things to her and but I guess that is where we are in our relationship. Part of me wants her to outgrow these phases but then I think about all the other things she does at this stage that I adore and that I want to hold onto. She is my little baby that is growing up way too fast, I wish someone had told me that they really don't stay small for a long time.


On Thursday we had a snow day and I took advantage of that day by starting to work out again. You know when you fat jeans are tight it is time to getstasteppin'. So I started at 530 pm and we let Emma sleep longer than usual because she really needed it. Well apparently she heard my DVD going because she came out of her room half asleep saying "ejercisio" and was rolling her arms and counting "uno dos". It was too cute!

warming up her gams

turtle neck, Target
sweater, Janie and Jack
skirt, Gap
tights, Zutano
boots, Stride Rite
the need to stay fit, all mama

On Sat she just sat down with one leg stretched out and starting counting "uno dos". It took me a while to realize she was doing my warm up routine. That kid has such an eye for detail and an elephant memory. She gets that from me and at times remembering EVERYTHING can be a curse.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

valentine thoughts and ideas

Yes it is almost February! I can't believe the first month of 2011 is almost done with. I guess it means we need to start getting ready for V-Day. Here are some wonderful images I came across during my sleepless night last night. Maybe I shall try and do some of them.

I wish I had a sewing machine to try these from Shabby chic crafts. I've been dying to sew on paper for almost 8 years now.

Free printables so go check these out at Twig and Thistle

lovely cupcakes at Thoughtfully Simple

heart shaped sugar cubes from Blue Satin Sashes

Red velvet macarons at Delectable deliciousness if I can figure out the conversion, I am so making these.



I just couldn't not post this pic. Too cute!!!


I must say that tonight I'm feeling very sentimental. I guess it started at Ikea today, I kept hearing a lot of "mamas" but they weren't coming from little girls, they were coming from women my age. I saw how comforting it was for some people to have their mothers by their side, asking for their opinion and sharing funny observations and it made me ache for my mom. When you have a child it becomes harder to be apart from your family, the same family you so longed to run away from just 10 years earlier. I wish I had my mom by my side to guide me and comfort me as I try to guide and comfort Emma's life. I have to rely on three yearly visits which just never seems to be enough. Anyway, it just hit me hard tonight as it also coincides with Emma getting her big girl bed. We now have two out of the three components needed to form her bed and by the end of this week, fingers crossed, Emma will have a complete bed. Tonight we disassembled her crib to make room for the mattress and when I saw it coming apart I felt so empty. It seemed like yesterday Anthony was grumbling as he put together her crib and now he was again grumbling as he took it apart. Emma of course was hyped up and eager to get in her big bed and brought all her animals to join her in a massive slumber party. I just went in to check on her and she has rolled off the mattress and is back on the floor. I need to get some guard rails asap. On a plus side I made my Valentine's wreath and my first attempt at lemon bars. They are currently cooling and will take all night to set, so I shall let you know tomorrow how they turned out.

Valentine's family day breakfast

Don't these look lovely and delicious? I saw these raspberry cream cheese crepes on Family fresh cooking and can't wait to have my personal chef whip these up for us.

Friday, January 28, 2011

yummy brownies

This is what happens when I'm cooped up on a snow day with freshly made brownies, but to my defense I did have little taste testers helping me.

I made some very yummy brownies that I saw on the cover of this month's Bon Appetit. They came out quite delish but I want to tweak them over the weekend! Here is what is left of my batch.

make room for baby

act like I'm not talking to you.

emma is shredding!

Well, more like make room for toddler who is no longer a baby. Living in the city you just don't have the luxury of a lot of space and I refuse to pay for storage. You need to think long and hard about what you are will to live with day in and day out. Emma's closet is being taken up by a lot of her baby stuff that she no longer plays with and I see it as an opportunity to store some items. These baby toys and shoes are still in good condition and will definitely be used if there ever is another baby. Since we don't have a place to store anything here, I am packing these items and shipping them to my parents home in Florida, where they do have room. Emma has come across these items and all of a sudden seems to act as if they are her long lost siblings and can't live without them. I tell her not to take anything out of the boxes, that they are for another baby. She is really cute because I hear her playing with them and I just say "Emma, box" and she goes and puts them back.
Emma really has accumulated an obscene amount of toys and books over the holidays. I try and thin things out but she will go and pull them right out. Anyway, she found her baby wash tub and refuses to give it up. She lays on it and says its her barco(boat). I will give her that simply because she is using her imagination. She does look silly in it.

snow day

snowman daddy made

working on her breast stroke

the streets had this romantic yet eerie post apocalyptic feel to them.

my first snow man ever! He was really about 10 inches tall.

it kind of looks like cherry blossoms

I love how the wind would blow snow on us

it was almost as tall as she is

After praying for one, we got it! A snow day, both Ant and I were able to stay home and be with the ninj! It was great, we were sloths, slept, played, watched movies and then went outside to play in the snow. It was a great day. This morning as I was leaving for work, Emma gave me saddest look. I think she thought I was going to be with her all day again. It really broke my heart!
Anyway, have I mentioned how much Emma loves the snow?! She is relentless. She didn't care that the snow was basically up to her chest, she just wanted to get in there and play. She had a great time! I wish I had bought her a snow suit when they were available.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I agreed, sort of without realizing that I had, to foster a cat for one of Ant's coworkers' friend. I must say I was really nervous and hesitant at the beginning about introducing Gato to Ephraim since the last time we tried to introduce two cats there was some serious blood shed and hair tufts a flying. Well the first week was indeed rough because Gato did the opposite of what I though he would do. He was so taken by Ephy that all he wanted to do was play with him and groom him. It was Ephy who was so skiddish and standoffish. He refused to come down from my desk and even peed some of the things I had been working on for Emma's party.
Well after some weeks of coaxing and patience, eventually Ephy came off the desk and something magical happened to Gato. I know I have mentioned how we were on the fence about keeping Gato because he was slightly psychotic and would bite my calves non stop. He even attacked Emma two times as a weird reaction to the vacuum. I realized shortly after Ephy was with us that Gato was just lonely. He just wanted a companion, a partner and ever since Ephy came into our home, Gato has become a reformed cat. He now rubs my calves when he wants something and is super loving, he even purrs and they are just a sight those two. They cuddle, the fight, the groom each other. I really cant picture now what it would be like without Ephy in our lives.
Myself, I have fallen madly in love with him. I never thought it would be possible to find a cat so similar to my beloved girl Pavlov. He follows me every where, he snuggles with me and scratches at the covers so he can get inside. He even licks my face. He has now stayed with us two extra months. I am in limbo as to if he is staying or not. I agreed to watch him for 3 months, it has now been 5 going on 6 and he is such a part of our clan that I fear I might put up a fight for him. I know I have no right but a life without him doesn't seem like much of an option, Gato loves him, I love him , Emma loves him, even the nanny loves him. So fingers crossed we are allowed to just fully adopt him. nothing would make me happier.

the love affair continues

first night as a family of four
,this morning

I tell you, Emma and Gato are really sometihng. She loves to pick on him and he lets her and even comes back asking for more. Its been a year and half since he has been with us and in a way she has grown up with him. I know she knows he is her cat. She will not tease any other cat the way she teases him. I say tease in a slighty euphemistic manner. She pulls his tail, pinches his scruff, body slams him, shoves him off the tabke, yells at him "gato no!, she straddles him and says "giddy up Bull's Eye". All you hear coming form the living room is a pathetic "meow" and you know she is bothering him, but he never scratches or hisses at her, he just looks at you with these sad eyes, but wherever she is, he is two steps behind. He likes to stay in the bathroom when she showers and if she would let him, he would sleep in her room. She treats our foster cat, Ephraim with respect and kindness, my parents cat the same way, so she knows he is hers and she does with him what she pleases. They really have some sort of love affair.

new pose

cue violins

one of Emma's new poses is her resting her chin in both her hands as she rests them on a surface. She really looks too cute and we melt when she does so.

my little lady

This weekend

if only she would do this to her own teeth

We took Emma to a children's museum in Norwalk, CT. It really is a fun place to take children of all ages. The way they have it sectioned into age appropriate exhibition's, yet all spaces hold items of interest for every child. Emma's favorite spot was the Energy Lab where she got to play with balls and water, her two favorite things. She even learned about suction. She really did behave so well, she would say byebye to all the stations and she never pitched a fit, but she never was one to do so. After lunch I asked if she wanted to see more things and she asked "more agua?" Too much.

you can hear a brief shriek.

The best part was when she would place the balls in the suctioning tube, she would clap her hands and shriek with glee as they disappeared and said "happy". I love seeing her so happy.