Monday, January 24, 2011

water go down the hole

I knew I forgot about something Emma did this weekend. Emma is in the early stages of potty training. She shows interest and sometimes is patient and others times she gives up. She has now graduated herself to using the real toilet and she looks so cute sitting on it, with her little legs dangling. I must say she really has great balancing skills. Anyway, she knows you need to wipe and flush. She has become quite the fan of flushing and the other day we made the mistake of leaving her unattended in the bathroom and she proceed to break off toilet paper and flush it. But the thing is, she basically undid a Charmin Mega roll and tried flushing all of it down at once and that didn't go so well. Luckily it was just paper. I was laughing because it just reminded me of the Tiny Toons episode where Plucky duck is getting potty trained. It could have been something more serious or more damaging where plumbers and supers could have been involved, but it was just a huge wad of paper and Moma to the rescue.
The next day she said "peepee" and ran to the bathroom, I followed her but she came back out rather quickly and she wasn't wearing a diaper. I was so proud that she took off her own but when I went to take a shower I noticed her diaper in the toilet halfway down the hole. Sigh. We will be buying a lock for the toilet very soon. It is funny though because she has the concept down so well.

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