Friday, January 14, 2011

emma the helper

Emma has an empathetic soul. She suffers when cartoon character suffers and if she sees a child crying she tells them "don't cry". One of the sweetest things Emma did while we were in Florida, was the night of my birthday. We all came back from having dinner, I will write about that later, and as my dad made it to his spot on the sofa, Emma started removing all the pillows and blankets and patting the seat cushion making his spot comfortable. She then said "come on grandpapa" and watched as he slowly made his way over. It pretty much brought us all to tears. None of us had explained to this little person how granpa wasn't as strong as he used to and how he needs special care and patience. I guess we all thought she was too young to understand or that it would be easier to act as if everything was normal. See my dad is frail. More so than I remember. Every time I see him I am shocked at how much smaller he is. His bones hurt me when I hug him. He pretty much is on "sofa" rest. My mom adjusts his blankets and ottoman and makes sure he is comfortable through out the day. My little girl apparently did pick up on his special needs and that night, without anyone expecting or asking her, she made sure his spot was all ready for him. I tell you that has been my proudest moment as a mom to date.
She has such a kind heart. Yes she is hyperactive to the point she really might be ADHD but her heart is filled with nothing but kindness. She loves to share and wont get upset if someone takes her toys. Logan is not one to share and one day we were over at his house and he was taking all the toys away from Emma to the point the only thing he let her play with was Woody's hat. We he saw that she was ok with just the hat he he made a face and Emma could tell he was bothered. She handed him the hat and focused on something else.
Even while we were on our tour at the House of Shame in Savannah I was just so frustrated and sad and embarrassed by the looks I was getting at Emma's behavior. I sat outside in the garden to have a moment and yes I relapsed for a while wondering why Emma couldn't behave like other kids. But then I looked up and I saw Emma running towards me, smiling form ear to ear and I felt it was ok. I felt that no matter what is or isnt wrong with her, all she asks of me is to love her and all she has for me is love. Now that might change when she is a teenager , but for now I will take all her hugs, and kisses and backbreaking piggy backs.

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