Monday, January 31, 2011

Emma, the graffiti artist

Since Emma is spending a lot of time indoors I took a trip to Michaels to get some more craft supplies. I got her some washable markers, because Emma loves markers more than crayons, some washable paint, paper and foam stickers. She was so well behaved Sat night, sitting at the table, drawing that I decided it was ok for me to walk away from her and go into the kitchen. That was my mistake. I usually know her silence means she is up to something but since she was so focused on her doodling I really didn't think much of it. This was until I came back to see her and saw this.

She knew she had done something wrong because she just looked at me with these big doe eyes and pointed at her face. I just inhaled and tried not to laugh. She loves taking her art beyond the paper and onto surfaces not appropriate for doodling. THANK GOD I had a protective layer over my new computer because there was a giant marker slash on it. Oh da ninj. you really just need to be constantly repeating things to her and but I guess that is where we are in our relationship. Part of me wants her to outgrow these phases but then I think about all the other things she does at this stage that I adore and that I want to hold onto. She is my little baby that is growing up way too fast, I wish someone had told me that they really don't stay small for a long time.

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