Friday, January 28, 2011

make room for baby

act like I'm not talking to you.

emma is shredding!

Well, more like make room for toddler who is no longer a baby. Living in the city you just don't have the luxury of a lot of space and I refuse to pay for storage. You need to think long and hard about what you are will to live with day in and day out. Emma's closet is being taken up by a lot of her baby stuff that she no longer plays with and I see it as an opportunity to store some items. These baby toys and shoes are still in good condition and will definitely be used if there ever is another baby. Since we don't have a place to store anything here, I am packing these items and shipping them to my parents home in Florida, where they do have room. Emma has come across these items and all of a sudden seems to act as if they are her long lost siblings and can't live without them. I tell her not to take anything out of the boxes, that they are for another baby. She is really cute because I hear her playing with them and I just say "Emma, box" and she goes and puts them back.
Emma really has accumulated an obscene amount of toys and books over the holidays. I try and thin things out but she will go and pull them right out. Anyway, she found her baby wash tub and refuses to give it up. She lays on it and says its her barco(boat). I will give her that simply because she is using her imagination. She does look silly in it.

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