Wednesday, January 26, 2011


It is no secret Emma has an abundant source of energy. She really loves to dance and jump. She will at times just go crazy in one spot and dance until she collapses. Every time she starts doing her crazy dance I tell her she is loca, which means crazy in Spanish. About two weeks ago Emma would do her crazy dance and say something which sounded like Logan only slightly different. I kept wondering why she was calling for Logan but then it hit me that she was saying loca. She only will say it when she does her silly dance.
If you notice in some of the Xmas pics you can see a trampoline that Logan got for xmas. Grandma saw how happy Emma was jumping and decided to get her one. Ant and I had thought about how it would be a good solution for getting her sillies out during this long cold winter but we were on the fence as we like in an apartment and not home and it could led to Emma learning new acrobatic feats. Well we decided it would be worth it to have one and this weekend we set it up and Emma loves it. She will jump on it, sit on it and even tried to nap on it. And yes, she did use it as a launching pad onto the couch so she needs to be constantly supervise when on it. The good thing is it will fit in our bedroom when we want to give her (us) a break from it.
p.s. last night emma bounced right off the trampoline and bumped her head. Plus I thwarted several attempts at somersaulting off the trampoline so it is staying in our bedroom for now.

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