Thursday, January 13, 2011

snow day

Yesterday was a snow day for me and I was able to spend all day inside with da ninj. She really is a cutie and has become quite the momma's girl. She only wants me to carry her and carry her ALL the time. My back is ruined and I swear I have shrunk at least .5 inches. She loves using me as her human napkin. When her little hands have something on them she simply holds it up, without even looking at me, waiting for me to wipe it. When her face has dirt she will take my hand and wipe her face with it. She also loves to take my hand and spit food she doesn't like into it. Isn't she sweet?! This morning , at 5am, she came into my bed and handed me a gingerbread cookie to unwrap. I did this half asleep and then dozed back to sleep since I knew Ant was still home. Then all of a sudden I feel the pressure of a little body climbing over me and trying to find my hand. She succeeds and all I feel is this warm, wet gingerbread cookie getting pushed into my hand. Nice! Anyway, her sleep schedule is all sorts of messed up and I'm in pain, but she really has become quite loving and every day she picks up more and more things. She is starting to show signs of fear. I love how she will sit still, avoiding all eye contact when I come in and catch her in the midst of doing something she is not supposed to be doing. She is a joy and yesterday was heaven.We had breakfast together, played, she napped and I watched a chick flick, put away the Xmas decorations and then we watched Despicable Me which is cuter the second time you watch it. She really enjoyed the minions. Well today back to work, sigh. At least I have a three day weekend to look forward to, though Ant will be in San Diego this weekend and I am not looking forward to parenting alone.

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