Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jan 4 Book of the week

This simple yet entertaining and slightly educational seek and find book, Who’s Hiding by Japanese author Satoru Onishi, is my second book from over the Christmas break. You will find the same eighteen simply drawn and brightly colored animals on each page with only the background color, position or facial expressions changing. Some changes are obvious and some will require more attention. Since they all remain in the same potions throughout the book it has the capacity of playing out like a modern game of Memory. Children will learn proper name of animals, color, certain positions and emotions with this book. To get the idea of what I am talking about I have included some samples of the pages below.

Emma REALLY likes this book and though she is still too young to answer all the questions, she loves being able to tell me the colors and names of the animals. You can spend a long time on each page and as they get older you can challenge them with tougher questions. If some questions seem too hard for the parents, (they are not), fret not as there is an answer key in the back. This is such a clever puzzle book that I highly recommend it. Please don't be off put by the simplicity of the illustrations.

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