Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas 2010

always running

even making poor grandma run

she really love to ride horses, even though she is clearly too big

mmm, intestines

the artist always is creating

and some more corre corre corre

working on taking turns, it might take a while

It was a quiet day. We were just so exhausted from the week leading up to the drive that it felt nice to just lounge around the house, watch TV and be sloths. We went back to our friend's house for an asada which is a huge meat grilling party. Loads of sausage, pork, chicken, meat. That was our Christmas meal. Emma was happy to run around in their huge back yard and she was just being a nut. She really cant be still and I had to hear over and over how active she is. Anyway, afterward we went to my brother's house to continue with the present exchange and it was fun to just relax and let the kids have fun. Emma wanted what Logan got and Logan wanted what Emma got. I must say that the Olivia doll house was a huge hit and Emma loves playing with it. She also loves her Mickey camper and kinda ignored her Olivia tea set. Logan got a mini trampoline and they were having a ball jumping up and down. I actually think it is the ideal solution for these long cold winter months when Emma will not be able to go outside. Thanks to Grandma I now have a gift card to go get Emma her own trampoline. This could be a blessing or a very bad idea. I wish we had to space for a large spring horse or even that great small slide from Ikea. One day!

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