Monday, January 24, 2011

big girl bed

The bed, its on back order, it is coming, it is on back order again, you will get it this week, you will get it in Feb, finally an email saying "Thank you, your order is on its way". This has been me with Pottery Barn Kids for the past two weeks. Apparently this bed is SOOO popular it is continually being placed on back order, which makes me wonder why they don't stop advertising it. I will confirm today with PBK that it is indeed on its way and hopefully, fingers crossed, Miss E will have a big girl bed by this weekend. I still need to go to Ikea to get a basic mattress and buy some bed guards so she doesn't roll off the bed. I really hope this does the trick and excites her into sleeping in her bed and not on the floor and staying asleep all night long. Last night was another rough night. le sigh, I need to just carry a caffeine filled IV bag.

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