Tuesday, January 25, 2011

glitter hands glitter hands

Our sitter decided to do crafts with Emma one day and that is great, except she introduced Emma to the world of glitter. For a whole month Emma became obsessed with glitter. She would walk around the apartment as if she were the Pope blessing everything in site with Holy glitter. Once we got back from Tampa, I hid the glitter so out of sight, out of mind. Until yesterday. I rearranged my desk to make room for my new, lovely toy (a 27 inch iMac) and placed the glitter behind the screen. Somehow she found it because when I got home last night, Anthony told me the funniest story. Apparently he was in the kitchen and Emma was not. Right there I can tell you where he went wrong. Anyway, he told me how she came into the kitchen with a shaker of glitter in each hand and held them up and said "I'm sorry, I'm Sorry". He continued to tell me how he traced her steps and didn't see anything, until he got to her room and in the middle of her carpet were two giant ant hill mounds of red and gold glitter. At least she came to find him and had the sense of having done something she wasn't supposed to have done. I now know she clearly has a sense of right from wrong and I just wish she would channel that more often.

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