Tuesday, January 18, 2011

last night and this morning

I have mentioned how Emma loves to sing. Last night as she was putting herself to sleep I could hear her singing the Hot Dog song from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show and hitting all the right high and long notes. It was tooo cute. She eventually fell asleep, book in hand. I realized that her comfort object is not a stuffed animal or blanker but rather books. She needs to have one in her hand to fall asleep.
This morning as we waited for the sitter she started singing the theme song to the Mickey Mouse clubhouse. I didn't even know she knew it but there she was singing it and even saying "come inside". I guess you need to hear the song to know what I'm talking about.

She is funny. Her new thing is saying "okay okay", as in the "I got it, simmer down" tone. She tends to use it most when she actually means No and I'm trying to explain to her that ok is positive. She is in fact still a ninja and will now climb onto her changing table to turn her lamp both on and off. She does this by pulling out the middle drawer and using it as a step stool. I discovered this last week when I went in to check on her and the lamp was off and I saw the drawers all pulled out. She is very smart and resourceful. Then yesterday morning she was throwing things and I had to take her toy away and she was not happy. She went into her room and it got a little too quiet for my taste. I went in and saw this.

Making her way back down.

I know she could hear me enter the room but did her usual avoidance of any eye contact. She does this really funny, but mean, side stare. She wont move her head. She will just move her eyeballs and give you the side stink eye. Way too much 'tude for a 2 year old.

Other things she has started doing is she is know using the verb comer and sleep. She also likes her night time routine. The other night I was too tired and wanted to skip her bath time and thought I had her all ready to go to sleep and then she started freaking out crying for "bath time". Apparently kids love their routine. She used her potty several times last week and even did a yuck yuck with me but we still have a long road ahead. Though she shows great interest and advancements, she is still unable to hold it in and go when she needs to and I have learned that she is not ready to ONLY wear underwear. Baby steps.

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