Friday, January 14, 2011


all fishes are Nemo or Dori to Emma

Frick and Frack

I was just so taken by the size of that fish

where's emma? that's right, on da floor!

My sister in law and I decided we wanted to take the kids somewhere during the Holiday. Disney was an option but since the day we picked ended up being rather cold, and my brother can’t stand the cold, we decided to take them to an indoor place. She actually got sick so it was just my brother and Logan. I must say it is strange to hang out with my brother and though we are not best buds I feel we are trying for something more than a "what's up". I will say this , he is a great father and loves Emma to death.
So the aquarium is where we took the kids and they had a great time. Emma really loves Logan and he loves her. They are constantly asking where the other one is. I've noticed that Emma tends to take the role of leader and might grow up to be a tad bossy. I need to find a way to curb that behavior. I do love her assertiveness and gregariousness but I don't want her to be a miss bossy pants. She loves to run and Logan loves to follow her, she sounds so cute as she says "come on Logan". Logan is the opposite. He is shy and quiet but just as active and mischievous as Emma. They really are like Frick and Frack.
When we were in Savannah we went into a coffee shop and there was a little blond boy sitting on the floor with is back towards us. Emma saw his hair and got so excited as she yelled out "Logan!” It broke my heart that it was not him and that they, for now, will not grow up together. Emma needs to socialize and loves other kids, primarily older boys. She is such a mixture of tom boy and princess. We will start looking at some schools for Emma to attend at least one day a week soon and since I see how much Emma loves other kids I am not that sad to see her go. I think once she goes to kindergarten I might be heartbroken.

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