Monday, January 10, 2011

I do declare

great little French shop where Emma actually behaved like a little lady, she sat and colored and ate her lunch.

collecting some moss specimens

"no papa, I will tell you where to go next"

I really adore magnolia trees. My grandmother had one and I love everything about those trees.

This weekend we drove back from Florida, stopping in Savannah along the way. Since it is so fresh in my mind, I will start here and then work my way back with the posts. Savannah is such a magical little town. It is indeed small and you can see it all by foot, but don't be deceived. There is so much to see, so much history and wonderful architecture and beautiful little squares and the most lovely park that you really need a few days there. I must say that Forsyth Park has become my favorite park to date. I believe it is the one at the begging of the movie Forest Gump. It is covered with moss drenched trees and surrounded with huge magnolia trees and the most delightful playgrounds and a pristine open field, perfect for picnics or kite flying in the spring. They even have the most clean, modern public bathrooms and Starbucks that sells beer! Savannah is an open container city so it was a fun to just walk around with some wine in hand at night. I love looking at furniture and restored homes and there is an abundance of that in Savannah. The only down side is it can be a little too rigid for children under 5. The only way you can look at the historical homes is by being in a tour group . Organized situations and Emma just don't mix and of course stress ensued when we visited the first and only historical home. We were able to visit the Davenport home and it was a constant battle with Emma who proceeded to throw a fit whenever we foiled her attempts of climbing on furniture that dated back to the early 1800s. We now call that house, the house of shame. As a couple we had a great time, there were moments where we kinda lost track of the fact that we were pushing a stroller. I also found a kitty umbrella for Emma that I have been tracking since this summer. We are planning our next trip down there, perhaps for my birthday in December only Grandma will be watching Emma this time.

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