Wednesday, May 23, 2012

to have or have not

I guess ever since Emma has been about one and a half years old, I have been teetering with the idea of whether or not to give her a sibling. I grew up with one and in the back of my head I always thought she would have one as well. But the thing is I never really saw myself as a mom or having a big family; but now I have Emma and she is my world. I love her so much yet I can't help but see how other kids are with their siblings and I think, maybe. It is strange because part of me fears that it wouldn't be possible to ever love another being as much as I love Emma, or that maybe I would want one in the hopes of getting a chance to do it all over again. For whatever reason, I teeter and I plan on taking some more time to figure things out.

End of the school year picnic

Today Emma had her end of the year picnic and I cant believe how the school year flew by. I see how much she has grown and learned, I can hear how much better she speaks and how she is slightly, only slightly, more self controlled. It was a nice, quiet day, and I loved being able to spend my morning with her!! I have been going through some things with Emma in terms of her behavior and I worry about her ability to make friends and play well with others. I  have been feeling pretty bummed lately but today when walked into the classroom one of her classmates approached her and told her the sweetest thing. He said something to the effect of how he was so happy to see her today and that he really wanted her to know that he thinks a lot about her and that she means a lot to him and how he wanted her to hear it from him. My heart melted. It really is a so wonderful when a person can change your day with simple words.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

I fell in love with this animated short that just won an Oscar. It is lovely and really captures why I love books, the ones you can touch and feel and carry with you. It makes me smile that E loves books more than her daddy and me!! Watch this, it is only 15mintutes and bring a hanky.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Jon Klassen, I love you

Jon Klassen is my new obsession. I am in love with this guy. I find his illustrations divine, just breathtaking. He actually illustrated a book that I recommend a while back called Cat Nights Out. I didn't know he was the illustrator of that book until a few weeks ago when I picked up another gorgeously illustrated book called The Book of Yarn. I noticed that the illustrations seemed very familiar to me. I then realized that this book was illustrated by the same guy who wrote this great book called I Want My Hat Back.
Anyway, I must say when I first was given I Want My Hat Back to read, I went, "eh", and put it back on the shelf. A few months later when I saw the book again it had a brand new, shiny, silver, NY Times bestseller sticker on the cover and I had to give it another shot. Hat is Klassen's first book that he both wrote and illustrated and it is so humorous. His illustrations are so minimal, clean and modern that I just want to frame them and put them on my wall. I do not know if I would recommend this book to kids under 6, but slightly older kids and their grown ups will definitely get a kick out of it. By the way, in searching for some of his work I found his gallery and was so bummed to see all his original drawings were sold out. I did however find this bookstore in Colorado that is temporally selling them, so if you have an extra 350.00 for a Jon Klassen original, you should check out Klassen's website for a link to the store.

First school birthday party

Last Sunday E went to her first school friend birthday party in an actual venue. It was held at a place called My Gym which is just that, an indoor padded playground that E just loved. She was so happy when we walked in. Ant and I were so proud when we watched her follow direction so well and be able to sit with a group of kids. She, all the kids, looked so cute! E even did her first zip line!

oh my ninj

My girl is growing up so fast. She learns things so quickly and you really cannot pull a fast one on her. When I look at her now and talk to her I realize how Im talking to this other human being, this little person, who more and more each day makes it quite known to me that she can do it ALL "by myself!". She makes me laugh as she tries to "fake" sleep when I come in to check on her at night. She hears my footsteps and I can hear her giggling and diving into the bed. As I peek in she starts snoring and trying really hard to keep her eyes shut. Eventually the sillies just take over her and she bursts into laughter.
She knows her routine pretty well, first dinner, then ten minutes play, then bath time and finally books. She is aware of her wrong from right. Her new thing now is how she tells me "I did it!" with such pride when she actually does something she is supposed to do, like not running into the street or stopping to hold my hand. Today I think she wanted to grab our scissor but I came out of the bathroom just in time and she just fessed up to touching our scissors and that those scissor are only for Mommy and daddy. She is a sweet kid who is now obsessed with this outdoor house that grandma is going to get her. All she wants to do now is to play in her clubhouse which she will have to wait for until Easter when we are back down there. She still loves her books so much and is quite good at sharing with others.