Monday, November 1, 2010

Favorite Cat books

2nd installment on my favorite books! Today I want to talk about my favorite cat books! Don't worry dog lovers, you are next week!

You will see Melanie Watt, a French Canadian children's book writer, on several of my list. She really has a keen sense for writing humorous stories with wonderful characters that are full of personality. Chester is a very confident cat who decides to take it upon himself to write his own story and thus begins a comical duel for control over this children's book between Chester and Melanie. There are currently three Chester books out now.

I love love love this book because it reminds me so much of my girl Momo and how grumpy she was and how much I loved her and loved doting on her, even if it seemed she was having a miserable time. This book tells the love story between Mr Pusskins and his owner, a little girl who goes unfazed with how grumpy Mr Pusskins really is. This story has a lot of heart. It is written by Sam Lloyd, who also wrote a sequel called "Mr Pusskins and Little Whiskers". Both are cute, but the first in a series seems to be always the best. There are also Mr Pusskins board boards that teach numbers, colors and feelings.

Kevin Henkes from "Lilly and the Purple Purse" fame writes and illustrates this beautifully simple, yet striking black and white story of a little kitten who tries really hard to get to the big bowl of milk he sees in the sky. It is filled with playfulness and wit and was a Caldecott just can't go wrong with this one!

Skippy Jon Jones is an adventurous cat who thinks he is a chihuahua and has these great imaginary adventures-kind of like Olivia. There is now a series of his adventures but the first one is still the best.

This is a very sophisticated counting book with gorgeous retro illustrations that parents will love. This book reminds me of New York in the 30s. I fell in love with all the cityscape and night scenes and children will have a good time trying to find all the hidden numbers. The text also has a great rhythm and is fun to read out loud. Who can resist dancing cats?!

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