Thursday, November 4, 2010

fall wardrobe

This past weekend I switched out my summer clothes for my fall/winter ones. Such a production and I was reminded again of how much clothing I have. Some I still cant wear but I was happy to be able to fit into my gray and brown pants that I couldn't fit into last year. So I have a pile of cloths that still don't fit but I'm hoping by xmas they will. I lay them out to remind myself to not have that 8th Hershey kiss or to work out at least 15mns a day.

I also came across yet another incentive to waking up earlier and that is so I can put more effort into what I wear. I usually end up just puting on jeans and a nice top because I am running late and Emma needs to be fed, changed and dressed. I need to spice it up, look nice and not frumpy. Things do happen when you become a mom but I just really want to be one of those yummy mummys- I got that term from a silly book I read while I was pregnant. Anyway, I was dream shopping on line and came across A.P.C, this French brand I used to look at while I was in Paris. They are $$ but I pulled pieces from their Fall collection that reminded me of things I already have in my closet. I realize why pine and spend money when I have a closet full of clothing that I can mix and match to create looks very similar to these below. I have also been slacking on Emma's outfits, but I promise to come back full force.

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