Tuesday, November 9, 2010

size what?!

sweater, Target
jeans, Gap

My little girl is apparently a weed because I feel each week she is significantly taller! I saw this cute sweater at Target and even though I wasn't going to buy anything that day, I couldn't pass up this 10 dollar sweater. It just reminds me of the ones I wore back in the day! It is a size 4T! You can see how I have to roll up her sleeves but the torso length is perfect. Depending on brand and cut Emma is now mostly a 3t, sometimes 2 and 4t. She has a really cute winter puffy coat that I got her last year in a size 2/3t. It was bigger then, but it fit and did the job. I was so excited when I put it on her just two weeks ago and it still fit. The weather has been insane and she needed extra warmth for a couple of days. This weekend I noticed that it is getting snug on her and I really don't see it lasting through the winter. I give it until Jan. tops. I saw a lovely coat at Baby Gap, it is cream and has a cowl neckline, but it is cream and we all know light colors and toddlers don't mix. So I shall be on the hunt for a winter coat size 3-4T!

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