Thursday, November 18, 2010

Emma the smart shopper

I feel Emma has her favorite store and it is Barnes and Noble. I prefer smaller, independent book stores but alas there are non where I live there. Anyway, they have a really nice kids section and Emma loves to read books and play with the stuffed animals and jump...yes because that is what she does best is jump on stuff. I took her there last evening because Ant was working late and I just needed to get out! Emma knows that store because the minute we entered it, she ran straight to the back and started grabbing books. She of course did a 'yuck yuck' and I told her I had to go change her and she stopped what she was doing and ran to the bathrooms. I was a little amazed Emma remembered where they were and how that is the place where I change her yuck yuck. Emma also managed to break a plexi shelf that was holding some books. All I heard was a loud crash and Emma saying "I'm sorry, I'm sa sorry". She apparently thought she could sit on it or something to that effect. Now I guess a lot of B&Ns have converted part of their stores into mini toy stores because where the dvds used to be is now a great little play area with a bunch of nice, "smart" toys and tables with blocks and crayons so kids can play and a choo choo train. Emma loves her trains and it was hard pulling her away from that area, but when I said "I have to pay", Emma ran to the check out area, again I was amazed she new the routine. Granted she ran behind the wrap stand, but she was happy with her Wonder Pets book and mini Olivia doll. I also got her a magic painting Christmas book. I know you have to remember these from when you were a kid. All you need is water and a paint brush and like "magic" the color appears. When I saw it I got a little too excited. I feel this is the perfect way for Emma to expand her medium from crayons to water color. I'll let you know how it goes down, I see water everywhere but the book, but she has amazed me before. I want to start teaching Emma about Xmas so when December rolls around she can say Merry Christmas and recognize trees, wreathes, Santa and of course Baby Jesus.

these bring me back

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