Wednesday, November 3, 2010

fall fun

mmm, next

blah, not up to my standards

he was this big, u see him?

I claim this Emma's land

I love fall and even though this weather has been so indecisive , I love what fall brings, the change in weather, foliage, quash! I also love the activities one does in the fall, particularly apple picking.Last year we stumbled upon Hurds Farm and had a great time. We went back this year, a little over a month ago to be exact,and had another good time. Emma was old enough to do the cow ride and corn maze and we could have done the hay ride but there is only so much a toddler can take. It was really hot that day, and the sun just wore us all out. Anyway, this post is a bit late but I felt it needed to go up. We also went back to the Storm King and I also took Emma to the Blaze in Sleepy Hallow last Friday and tho the concept is brilliant and the carvings done are true works of art, to be honest I was a little underwhelmed. I think it was a combination of things, starting with going on a work night and having Emma throw up in the car on the way there. Thank god I packed an extra outfit, as I have learned my lesson. She was so upset she wanted a hug and I of course I had to hug her, thus transferring some of her vomit onto my coat. I, however, did not have a change of clothes and since it was freezing that night, I had to proceed to wear a stinky coat as I walked through out the blaze. I think also parking at the Stop and Shop killed part of the mystique for me. I thought it would be more secluded, creating a more isolated and haunted feeling, but I guess it isn't intended to be a haunted mansion. and There was a long line, as with so many activities in NY, and totally not stroller friendly. My stroller got stuck in the gravel and drains a couple of times and I was so busy maneuvering my little stroller in the dark that I could hardly enjoy what was around me. There were so many creative, "how did they do that" pumpkings that I really was amazed. Plus, it also didn't help that my partner in crime didn't come with me so we could tag team it. You really need two, three, extra set of hands when you take the ninja out. I even had to use the port-a-potty with the door slightly ajar so I could keep an eye out on Emma. Definitely a fun thing to do with older kids, who will totally appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into carving a pumpkin. If we are still up in NY in two years, I will be bringing Emma back so she can walk on her own and take it all in.

so hard to photograph the beauty of the pumpkins

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