Friday, November 5, 2010

pretend play

last night my heart was filled yet again such happiness and sadness. Emma has a highchair for her dolls and last night she sat her baby in the high chair and placed a bib on it and started to feed the baby. While she fed the baby she was making her "yum yum yum yum " sound. Then she told the baby "all done" and placed the dishes in her kitchen sink and turned back to the baby and said "abajo" as she grabbed the doll and took her off of the chair. She repeated this with all her dolls. It was so tender to see her relive our mornings with her dolls, step by step. I always ask her if she is all done and place the dishes in the sink and then ask her if she wants to get down in Spanish. Kids really do learn by example and pay attention to all the little details! I worry that my bad habits might be making an appearance soon but for now I need to focus on the positive. She loves to scold the cat and when he gets in her room she yells "cat out"

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