Monday, November 1, 2010


putting her game face on

working on her angelic face

ready, set, go

first door

how's my back?

i'll be back with some eggs!!

making her poochero face

unhand me strange moustache man

emma's loot

mama's loot

papa's loot-divided evenly into thirds!

So Halloween is over and I'm a bit sad! I must say we all had fun yesterday and we learned to start earlier than 6pm for next year. We lost track of time and didn’t realize it was 8pm and spent two hours going door to door seeking treats. It was past her bedtime and though Emma was a trouper, she lost steam towards the end and was cold, tired and cranky. It really did get super cold last night. She had to wear her puffy coat which covered most of costume except for her green striped tights and some of her tutu. Thanks to the kick ass head piece I made, everyone was able to tell she was a fairy and even some went as far to say she was Tinkerbell, which she wasn’t specifically meant to be her but she is a fairy after all.
The first few houses Emma actually wanted to go inside and would help close their door, at times a bit too rough I would say. If the house had a nice porch with chairs Emma would want to sit in the ‘silla’ and rest! The houses that scared her the most were the dark ones, with fake blood on doors or the ones that had her favorite- animatronics creatures. She said trick or treat maybe a handful of times, but never at the people giving her candy and she said some modification of Happy Halloween. I know for sure next year she will be all set. She did say “gracias” to each and every person that gave her candy and the occasional blowing of a kiss. That made us quite proud! She was so cute carrying her pumpkin and it really did get heavy towards the end, so heavy that when she had to go up stairs, she would place the pumpkin on the step ahead of her as to alleviated some of its weight. We eventually helped her carry it. She did show some signs of a true brat because there were two houses that had their lights on but never came to the door. By this point Emma had gotten the idea of door=candy and when she left the stoop empty handed she would start crying “cookie cookie”. She even went as far as kicking one door and ringing the bell more than once. We had to curb that behavior and explain to her that they just had no more candy. She was, as I said, very tired at the end.
She did get a lot of good loot, or I should say we got a lot of good loot. See at her age there are two main candy givers. One is the kind that sees a little toddler and just gives her fistfuls of candy because she is so darn cute! Then you have the second kind who sees a small child and only gives her one small sucker...they look at their bowls and say “let's see what we have for the little one" and give her a dum dum pop. Then you also get one or two of the bitter people who clearly have no children who feel the need to ask you how old she is and then proceed to give you the stink eye because they feel she might be too young to go trick or treating. Either way, Emma is a fan of "cookies", which is what she calls candy and her favorite is Twix! We let her have one Twix and one Milky Way and she loved it. Come to think of it this is really the first time we let her have candy, but we feel we held off for two years and now is the time she can enjoy this special day!

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