Monday, November 15, 2010

This weekend

Emma had a lot of really endearing moments this weekend, and some where I just wanted to light up a cigarette. I shall focus on her positive attributes. When I come home from work, I take Emma's pants and diaper off and put a pull up on her. She shows great interest in her little potty so I am training her little by little. On Friday I saw that she was grabbing her bottom and squirming and I asked her "do you have to do a yuck yuck?" And she got quiet and then I asked her "where do we do yuck yuck?" She ran into the bathroom and I took her pull up off and she just sat on the toilet. Nothing.
Then she wanted to go back out to play and I went to put back on the pull up. She refused so I let her roam around al fresca hoping that sensation of liquid might stimulate her to sit on the pot. Well, she kept going back to the potty and sitting for a bit and then running around, then back to sitting and running....and nothing. So she finally let me put the pull up on and when I went to the pot I saw a very small droplet of peepee!! Yeah! I felt so proud, I mean it wasn't a full use of the pot and she did pee in her pull up a few minutes later, but to see a small droplet meant success is around the corner. She understands more and more how to use a toilet. I did not photograph it but I did photograph her and her amazing stacking skills. Papa and her always play with these blocks and that night she started stacking them herself and just kept going higher and higher. I was so proud!

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