Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I really wish I could have pictures or something to post from this past weekend but I do not. Now we move forward and focus on Xmas. Emma is quickly picking up certain aspects of Christmas and her fear of animatronic creatures has died down. She really loves her snowmen and has to eat her meals with Jingle Bell Rock playing in the background. She is quiet cute as she calls all her meals "na nunch". She knows Santa and how he says "ho ho ho" and kinda understands the concept of the Christmas tree. Today she say one of my Xmas tea towels that had a Xmas tree on it and she pointed to the top where there the star would be and went "oh no star". I was amazed how she knows that a Christmas tree must have a star on top of it.
She has really picked up her colors and now knows pink, rojo, blanco and negro. I'm working on gray and brown. She also really loves to count and can count to five in Spanish but always skips three. She has gotten to be quite the loving child and now wants me to carry her all the time. Where was this love when she only weighed 10 lbs. She has wrecked my back and I cant even talk about my sciatica!! 31 pounds of solid muscle. She also loves to snuggle which I am in heaven. She likes to press her cheek next to mine as she sleeps and I am a sucker and stay with her until slumber hits.
Finally she has gotten really good at putting things back. She even knows to put back the DVDs in the correct boxes, and can even open the box and place CD back in its spindle. She had her Mickey Xmas DVD and was looking for the box and would grab one, look at it and move onto the next until she got to the right box. I even placed all her DVDs in a wooden bin and she loves putting them all back in the bin. Even in her moment of rage yesterday as she threw her Olivia DVD because I would not let her watch it, she picked it up off the floor and went to put it in the bin.

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