Monday, November 22, 2010

perfect weekend

dress, Zara
tights, Gap
boots, Stride Rite
pose, practice for her upcoming Vogue photoshoot

I must say that this past weekend exceeded my expectations. I had a perfect weekend. On Sat I had my long awaited GDO, girls day out, with my friend Claudia and we hit up the outlets at Woodbury Commons. I didn't see a lot of amazing things, but was pleased with what I did find. Usually I go bananas and do some serious damage to my wallet but this time I was really good and only bought things for Ant and Emma. I saw the most adorable boots for Emma at Stride Rite and it was a toss up between those and a lovely shirt at J Crew for me. Of course Emma won, and I don't regret it because they look divine on her. She really enjoys wearing boots as I think they must give her a sense of power or confidence. Anyway, Sunday we took an impromptu trip into the city, something which we have been talking about for a really long time. Through work I got a membership to MoMA and feel I should take advantage of it since the cost alone to get in the museum is $20 per person. Ouch! Well here comes the best part. Emma fell asleep on the walk there and slept for 3.5 hours!! Ant and I were able to see the exhibitions in peace. No chasing or monitoring. We even splurged and had a drink at the Modern. We tucked Emma under the bar and just had a nice calm mini date. They make really good drinks there and I stuck to a Bloody Mary. It felt like the old days when it was just us two, walking the city and stopping to have a drink without the rush or fear that Emma is off causing havoc. Afterward we walked up to see the windows at Bergdorffs and though I feel this year they were not as spectacular as before, they are still quite beautiful and always worth the visit. Emma of course woke up on the walk there and was in such a pleasant mood. We saw FAO Shwartz across the street and though it was not in our agenda, we thought why not. Even though it is so touristy, I just couldn't pass up taking my child to FAO Shwartz at Christmas while in the city. So there it is in nutshell. I will go into further details in the next posts as there were some very sweet moments that occurred.

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