Friday, November 19, 2010

Emma's daily wear-it's friday!!!

pants, Target
sweater, Zara
sweater under sweater, Target
shoes, Stride Rite
tutu, Macy's
vest, Gymboree-new coat!!

she still looks so sleepy!

I'm so happy for the weekend to be almost here. Emma slept the whole night and even though she was up at 630am, I was happy it wasn't 4am! I found her winter jacket at Gymboree last night. I went in to get a price adjustment on some gloves I got for her and there it was, the only one looking at me. Size 4-5t and it fits! Granted the sleeves are long on her, but the width and torso are prefect and though the original price was a bit more than I wanted to spend, after all the sale prices it came out to 40 bucks and the best thing is I got two pieces for the price of one, because it includes a lovely reversible vest on the inside that you can remove and wear alone or keep on for added warmth. I hope it lasts until next winter, or at least early fall.

this photo does it no justice.

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