Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Da Bronx

they almost look fake

I'll take one of those and one of those.

pretty girl

the minute I said Dora, she wanted to wear her backpack!

sweet polar bear, I will rescue you.

yeah adult time

This past Sunday we took Emma to the Bronx Zoo and I must say as far as zoos go, this one is not so bad. They put a lot of effort in recreating an animal's a natural environment and the animals have more space to roam than I have seen elsewhere. I still would prefer to see the animals in the wild, but it is what it is. Emma had a good time. She actually napped the first hour which gave us a chance to just sit and have an ice beer and has been a while. Emma had a great time, she really enjoyed seeing the polar bear and loved the Dora and Diego 4d adventure ride. It was a nice quiet Sunday.

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