Tuesday, November 9, 2010


So I have been campaigning for a dog since I don't know when. Apparently they are a lot of work and Ant is opposed to us getting one. I do agree that having a yard would make it easier and the timing isn't right now, but Emma also wants a dog and to compensate for a real one I bought her the little Fisher Price Snoopy dog that has a string so you can pull it. It barks when it moves and is sweet. I must say that that is the best 9 dollars I have spent on a toy! Emma loves it! Every time we go outside she wants to bring him along and will actually walk and not run as she pulls him behind her. It is the greatest tool to get her to walk along side of me, instead of running like a mad dog herself. She even tells it to "come on wawa" and when it topples over she goes "oh" and puts it upright.

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