Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's just a phase

E is really trying to kill me. She just will not stay asleep past 4am and it is getting out of control. I feel it is part Anthony's fault and part mine. Last week he was staying with her until she fell asleep and I told him not to get her used to it! Then this week, I have been snuggling with her as she sleeps because I have been feeling melancholic about how fast it all goes. Now da ninj, I fear, expects to have someone near her while she sleeps and it needs to stop. At 4 a.m. I went in to give her a pacifier because I was desperate and she would not stop calling my name in this very high pitched squeal. I only opened the door a crack to hand it to her and with her beast strength she pulled it wide open and grabbed my arm and dragged me to lay next to her on the floor. She did look cute as she pulled the covers over her and said "night night". I was too tired to do anything , so I stayed but shortly after Ant came in to take over and she started flipping out. She could see we were doing a switch over and she wasn't having it. She kept saying "no mommy" and climbed over Anthony to get to me and then said "hug mommy". So I took her to our bedroom where she did flips and other type of gymnastics until about 7am which was when I was somewhat able to drag myself out of my bed. I don't know what to do but try and get her to take shorter naps and in bed by 730 pm so she can cry herself to sleep by 9pm. Basically I am starting all over with her sleep training. Anyway, I revisited this book that Ant gave me when I was pregnant, Someday and it calmed me. I do know this is just a phase and hopefully I will get sleep soon. I know she is growing up faster than I ever imagined and it breaks my heart that each passing day is one I wont be able to get back no matter how hard I try.

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