Wednesday, November 10, 2010

this morning...

I thought I was doing so well with my time...I was up before 7am and I was on such a baking/cooking high that I made myself eggs Benedict over my smoked salmon and rosemary focaccia. Emma was still sleeping so I decided to let her sleep right up until I needed to leave and then give her a bottle in the car and her cereal when we got back . Then the phone rang and it was her sitter saying she was on the later bus which is only 15 mns later but in my head all i heard was I have 45 more mns. So when I went to get Emma I saw her on the floor laying face down just looking up at me. I could tell she was still out of it but then I realized she really wasn't moving and there were these little moans coming out from under her pacifier-yes I had a set back last night....anyway, she was whimpering and I knew she wasn't feeling well. Emma is getting a cold and I guess her throat must hurt because of they way she grunted and how she is not even talking. So I sat on the floor with her, comforting her and reading books because I am a sucker when it comes to her. Before you knew it it was time to pick Connie up and I was running late, again. Well, at least I had a good breakfast.

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