Monday, November 15, 2010


testing the merchandise

The time has come to say good bye to a few of Emma's baby items, starting with the Diaper Genie...I feel we haven't really used it in a while and hopefully Emma will be potty trained in 6months. I just couldn't see buying more of the refills so I stored it and hope to see it at the next go. I'm on the lookout for a nice waste basket to put in her room. Also gone to greener pastures is her diaper bag. I haven't used that bag in almost a year but kept in just in case. I will wash it and donate it. As Emma gets older, going places becomes less of a hassle. I pack her little owl back pack with the few necessities she needs and I'm out the door. Up next for retirement will be her changing table top and crib. We picked out her linens and some pillows for her new bed. Pottery Barn Kids has this new Ballerina Line and I thought my days of tutus were over, but Emma really responds to ballet, so that is a possibility. I bought her two lamps and perhaps might take her bedroom to a whole new direction. As much as I love Owls, I feel they are everywhere..but then again I have a lot of owl stuff already and I cant afford to go all we shall see where her bedroom is come January. I realize that the twin bed will add a whole new dynamic to the bedroom so I'm holding off on hanging any more artwork until I see exactly where all the furniture will end up. Also close to extinction is her highchair. Emma prefers to sit with us adults so we might get a kid version of our chairs that we saw at Ikea. Finally, and this is a big one, farewell size 2T! Emma is officially 3t and I was in shock, shock I tell you! All her vests and shirts that are 2t are now midriffs on her. Even Ant said something and I just need to start buying her garanimals as she is costing me a lot of $$$. I cannot afford to buy her a lot of winter gear so I need to be smart and find a really nice coat and maybe, maybe one vest. Oh and pants, oh my, this has been a whole new dilemma. She has a little belly and pants with buttons seem to hurt her so I need to buy 3-4t pants that are high wasted and preferably with elastic...or just leggings but she will need something warm for the winter. A lot of her tights, useless....I now have a large bag of donation items and toys to give away.

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