Monday, November 15, 2010

other things

sweater, Gap
leggings, Zara
shoes, Old Navy
hat, Sports store

I just love these leggings, they fit like a dream and look super cool. I should have bought more.

I'm not a fan of baseball hats, but she loves her. You can see the sweater is a 3t and already fits perfectly.

...she did this weekend were, we bought her a spider monkey at the Bronx zoo and she was holding one of its arms while letting the rest of his body just dang down from her stroller. We realized that she was making it walk...then on our way up the stairs, she did the same things of holding one arm of the monkey and let it walk up the stairs and when they got to the top she told the monkey "good job". That is what I tell her every time she does something right. My heart! She also helped me clean the apartment. I was swiftering the floors and I bought her a small play mop a while back .She took her mop and was right next to me helping me clean, and when I called Anthony to come look, she yelled out "Anthony" and walked into the kitchen and called "Anthony" once more. I'm not sure she knows Anthony is his name, but it was still super cute.

Every time she wants to move onto another toy I make her clean up her mess first. She had sprawled out her blocks, toys and choo choo set and I wanted them all put away before moving onto play dough, her new obsession. So she was putting everything away and I thought she would just put them all in one plastic bin, but she would pause every time she got to her Little People and put them in their home and when she got to the trains, she would pause once more and put them in the train box. I didn't know she was aware that certain toys went in certain boxes and it was really gratifying to see she how she indeed picks up on things.

As a way of getting her off the pacifier, I cut all her broken nuks and when she asked for them I would give her the broken one and say "oh no, bebe is broke". It really works since she can see for herself that they are really broken. Well her beloved inflatable T-Rex that we got in New Haven, keeps deflating thanks to Gato puncturing one of its legs. She found the poor deflated T-Rex and held in her arms and went "oh no, baby is broke, it broke" and just caressed it. My heart once more. I blew it up for her and placed some tape over the small puncture marks.

Finally, on Saturday morning, she had somehow found a pacifier during the night and when I went in to get her I saw it in her mouth and before I could even say anything, she starting saying what sounded like "grandma." Then she ran to her bed and placed the pacifier in the bed and said "gibbersh put bebe in cama". I realized she was telling me that she knows the pacifier goes in the cama. It was her first sentence! Then she started saying colors and body parts and my name, and here is the frustrating bit, when I ask her what her name is and how old she is, questions she is a pro at answering, she just refuses to answer and looks away. Punk!

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