Monday, November 8, 2010


realizing just how cold it is

and then realizing she really likes it

So as I said we went to Ikea this Sunday and spent a lot on really nothing. I got a lot of storage boxes so I can organize my craft supplies and a shelf in the hopes of creating more space. I always buy a dollar frozen yogurt at Ikea and I've shared with Emma before. She likes it but never wants more than 3-4 licks. This time I let her taste a bit and then she reached out with both hands and grabbed the cone and pulled it away from and towards her. She basically hijacked my cone and proceeded to eat it all by herself.. She made a mess but not that much and she was sweet enough to share with both papa and I. It was sweet to see how she learned how to lick the cone as before she was simply mashing it in her mouth. We decided what bed to get her and next month will make the big purchase. I know she will love her bigger bed as she was ready to take a nap in the floor model.

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